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I've been reading that the US Post Office isn't doing too well (an understatement) and now even worse news has come down from the North Pole. Santa's contract has been re-negotiated.We regret to inform you that Santa will no longer be able to serve the Southern United States. Due to the growing p...
Here's another post in my series of quotes from Uncle Joe. If you haven't read the previous ones, I'll need to explain. Almost all of us have an "Uncle Joe," although he may have another name in your family. He's the family member who has carefully studied life and has enough experience to codify...
Yesterday, I talked about the fact that the human brain is far more complex than the fastest of today's computers. Today, I'm going to talk about what might be called the Operating System's functions if the brain were actually a computer. To do this, we're going to use common terms about which ev...
What's the difference between your brain and a computer? We know that the advanced computers of today are pretty amazing in their ability to calculate. They can usually out-perform humans in tasks which require logic, such as playing chess or finding the square root of some huge number. They can ...
The news during the last week has been pretty grim. Every headline seems to be about either some really stupid government action which will adversely impact the economy or about some really stupid government action which adversely impacts the personal freedom of the populace. Yesterday just about...
Several times recently, I've had people tell me that working in Real Estate must be wonderful. Perhaps they see something that I don't. I don't know. They usually come up with some platitude about the freedom to set your own schedule or to drive around looking at expensive real estate. Sometimes ...
I've been reading ZeroHedge again. It's not a good website if you want to maintain your innocent enthusiasm for life in today's world. The posts come from various sources and are relatively sophisticated in financial terms and very depressing in the overall negative view of the economy which is u...
As professional sales people, Realtors have their differences of opinion. However, we all would probably admit to having a similar dream that involves listing expensive property and impressing important buyers who subsequently purchase said property. I ran onto the following joke which combines t...

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