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Got a high interest rate mortgage and want to refinance? Too bad! Fannie and Freddie stand to profit if you can't. Based on some dynamite investigative reporting by Propublica and NPR, it now is public knowledge that many people who are locked in with higher than market interest rate mortgages ar...
In my last post, I tried to make the point that we are responsible for the events and people that come into our life. In some mysterious way, we summon them at precisely the correct time for us to learn some critical lesson. Many of us refuse to take responsibility for this and are stuck in an ar...
I was dead.  My brainwaves were flat-lined and my heart was stopped for nearly seven hours.  During this time, a skilled surgeon restructured the delicate leaves of two of the valves in my heart.  Please excuse the dramatic way I started this post, but I've got something important to say to you a...
I've been researching on the Internet, looking for a credible set of predictions for the real estate market in 2012. There are plenty of prognosticators willing to promulgate their purview regarding the upcoming days. Unfortunately, a close read of their predictions reveals that almost all of the...
Life is Difficult! Note that I capitalized Difficult. There's a reason for that and it's generally because the problems you face can be quite recalcitrant. If you've read many of my previous posts, you might remember that I seem to be pretty stuck on personal responsibility. I'd like to explore s...

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