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Well, my blood pressure's boiling because of what I've read about the proposed solution to the government-held shadow inventory. Let me explain: If you're like me, you're probably aware of an apparently foreclosed home that is sitting vacant in a nearby neighborhood. It may well be that this home...
Welcome to the new digital reality. Hint: It is whatever you made it. As real estate agents, we're used to creating custom searches for our buyers. When a buyer contacts us, we carry on a dialog intended to help us find out how best to assist them. We find out what they want in a house and how mu...
The recent settlement of the robosigning case brought against a number of major U.S. banks by attorneys general of the states will most likely result in increased levels of foreclosure seizures. The involved banks have greatly slowed their foreclosure process during the negotiations, allowing som...
Did you ever stop to think that Realtors might have a duty to their fellow man beyond simply selling houses and ensuring that the transactions proceed smoothly? Well, there's nothing in the Code of Ethics which states that we do and we certainly don't learn about it in any classes, but I'd argue ...

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