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A number of people have asked me recently what I thought of the "shadow inventory" that the banks have. The concept of shadow inventory is simple. It's composed of house which have been foreclosed upon and which the banks are holding in their REO departments and not releasing to the market. The s...
  MAY 2012 Orlando Housing Market Update The status of Sales in the metro area is changing. *The median sales price jumped more than 9% in May from $110,000 to $120,000. Bank-owned properties increased in price by 4.3%, short-sales by $5.88% and normal sales by 3.23%. *Orlando home ...
We spent about 3 hours with Tom Ferry yesterday. Have you heard of him? Perhaps not, but I think that his is a name that many people will know. His father is well known as a long-time real estate trainer and Tom has followed in his footsteps with a vengeance. The Florida region of RE/MAX sponsore...
I'm going to talk about on-line lead generation systems in this post.  Regardless of whether you like them or hate them, they do place you in contact with people. The lower level of inventory we have in our area has created an interesting situation.  How is it possible for prices to remain as wea...
Well, my blood pressure's boiling because of what I've read about the proposed solution to the government-held shadow inventory. Let me explain: If you're like me, you're probably aware of an apparently foreclosed home that is sitting vacant in a nearby neighborhood. It may well be that this home...
Welcome to the new digital reality. Hint: It is whatever you made it. As real estate agents, we're used to creating custom searches for our buyers. When a buyer contacts us, we carry on a dialog intended to help us find out how best to assist them. We find out what they want in a house and how mu...
The recent settlement of the robosigning case brought against a number of major U.S. banks by attorneys general of the states will most likely result in increased levels of foreclosure seizures. The involved banks have greatly slowed their foreclosure process during the negotiations, allowing som...
Got a high interest rate mortgage and want to refinance? Too bad! Fannie and Freddie stand to profit if you can't. Based on some dynamite investigative reporting by Propublica and NPR, it now is public knowledge that many people who are locked in with higher than market interest rate mortgages ar...
I've been researching on the Internet, looking for a credible set of predictions for the real estate market in 2012. There are plenty of prognosticators willing to promulgate their purview regarding the upcoming days. Unfortunately, a close read of their predictions reveals that almost all of the...

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