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Please, Please Me Do - The Beatles"You are too nice a guy, Rex." the manager at my office has told me on several occasions. I've heard this not only from her but from several people in both my personal and professional life."I'm just trying to get along and help out where I can." is often my repl...
And appetites a human vice I'm guilty of - MelanieIt's 1980 something and my new wife is once again indulging me by going to a concert at The Great Southern Music Hall."Who are we seeing?" Kathie asks as we make our way downtown to the concert."Melanie, I say while plugging in a cassette tape int...
I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In - The First EditionIt's odd how it creeps up on you one day as if by magic, you notice that your double chin is starting to add an addition to the structure and that your towel you wrap around your body no longer wraps with the same amou...
It's one of those hot Florida summer days where no one should be outside much less working in the yard. I had started cutting back tree branches early in the morning but not so early as to tick off my neighbors. After three hours of trimming, cutting, and stuffing branches into garbage bags, I wa...
I'm just a living legacy of the leader of the band. - Dan Fogelberg"What was I thinking?   This is too hard for me to play.  Who am I trying to impress?'  All these thoughts run through my head as I get ready to take the stage, guitar in hand and lump in my throat.It's 1980 something and for extr...
"You're still young that's your fault, there's so much for you to know" -- Cat StevensIt's 1980 and 19 year old Rex announces "I'm going to ask Kathie to marry me, Dad!" as we arrive at the back of Florida Hospital."What the hell are you talking about, boy?" He shouts at me in the confines of the...
"Hold the light still! No, not there, over here. Boy, can't you see what I'm trying to do?" the irritation in my Dad's voice oozes frustration. Sweat is dripping from his forehead as he squats down to get under the kitchen sink.It is a typical Saturday morning of "helping" Dad do handyman work in...
“He won’t do it!” chides my buddy Norman. “He’s chicken.” he continues with a smirk on his face.“Come on Rex, you can do it!” encourages my best friend Tommy.“How long is he going to sit there?” asks Jimmy another one of our neighborhood gang of ruffians.It’s nineteen-seventy something and I’m s...
 The engine goes silent on the 1964 Olds F-85 as Mom and I take a back road from Casselberry to our home in Maitland.“Here we go again!” says Mom as she shifts the car into neutral and tries to crank the engine while we coast up hill. “Come on, come on, one more time for mama.” Mom extolls to the...
West Side Stories – On Bridges and Time  "I jumped out of my car, locked my car and I ran towards the victims to see if we could help anybody, but the only thing you could see were the car lights in the front. It's totally smashed, almost to the ground," witness Susan Bermudez said. "There was on...

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