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I'll help guide you through your Johnson County real estate experience step by step, with my Internet Marketing experience and my team of RnN Professionals backing me.
Be prepaired to be awwed and ooohhhed! This video is simply amazing there is not much else you can say about it. Heck one thing is for sure I want to know what in the heck that screen or surface is that they are using for their computer interfacing!  Another update I got from a friend for the vid...
I saw an article about this on AP and just had to post some excerpts from it!  Just blew me away.  I couldn't believe that with as digital as our society has become we still have 1 in 12 people in America whom don't have bank accounts of ANY KIND...  Grandma stuffing money under the mattress isn'...
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Want to get a top ranking in search engines? No problem! All you need to do is add a few magical "meta tags" to your web pages, and you'll skyrocket to the top of the listings. If only it were so easy. Let's make it clear: Meta tags are not a magic solution. Meta tags are not a magic solution. Me...
Have any of you taken a gander at the prices on "Cheese" pizza at your local Pizza Shops?  Prices are starting to climb due to the chain reaction of the farm industry.  I know this doesn't have to do with real estate but found it to be rather interesting market information.----------Block cheddar...
Going along with my new "Geek It Forward" idea I've decided to write an article about my cousins sterling silver  handmade jewelry website.  He has been in the hobby for a couple years and actually this past year took some class on how to create some more advanced pieces at a local college.If you...
I just got done watching the movie "Pay It Forward" WOW!!!  I love that movie I've seen it before but just had to watch it again with my girlfriend of course ;-).  It gave me a good idea though.  I'm going to try and start at least every once in awhile "Geek It Forward".Also going to start a grou...
A new manual developed by top financial and tax experts reveals the top 9 ways that sellers of real estate or closely held businesses can sell for maximum benefit and tax savingsWest Linn, OR, June 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Sellers of appreciated real estate and businesses often have a very difficult...
More people become millionaires through real estate investments than any other method. Investing in real estate is a great way to accumulate wealth quickly. Don't miss out on it as it is one of the best investments around. Just learn how to invest. Designing an investment portfolio that fits your...
Geesh people if you can't sell a home or market it correctly then please go back to your day job!...  All these stupid out of the blue stories are starting to become the fad right now and its bugging the heck outta me.  Anyone with any good FSBO stories please let me know I'm thinking about creat...

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I'll help guide you through your Overland Park real estate experience step by step, with my Internet Marketing experience and my team of KW Professionals backing me.


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