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I'll help guide you through your Johnson County real estate experience step by step, with my Internet Marketing experience and my team of RnN Professionals backing me.
Its 4:06am (cst) right now, but just couldn't resist throwing up this post!  I have found some of the cool Web 2.0 jobs and crazy business ideas you'd probably never even thought of... :-PWhen Ham wants a domain, he leans over and quietly instructs an associate to bid on his behalf. He likes wedd...
Just thought everyone might want to see this story!...  Its on the frontpage of Digg.com and I really don't expect it to go away unless a couple thousand people "bury" the story vs digg it.  Anywaz PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR COMMENTS AND REBUTTALS...  I'll update this article in a couple hours with ...
WAHOO!!! FINALLY!  Our ISPs are going to help release us from at least a little spam and heck up their stocks value at the same time ;-)  Now we just need to figure out how to get China and South Korea to pay for e-mail comming out of their country...  Geesh Out GDP would shoot through the roof! ...
2 years ago in some of the hot markets across the country, the first step to marketing was putting a sign in front of the home. If that did not work, entry into the local MLS and Realtor.com would typically sell the home. Consumers are not fools, they knew that real estate agents wanted the listi...
If you can't buy them outright just find a way to make them parner with you BAHHH!I don't typically join the gaggle of folks trying to guess what Steve Jobs' next move is going to be, but for once I can't resist. On Monday Jobs is taking the stage at Apple's worldwide developers conference in San...
Democrats Seek Formula To Blunt AMTOne Plan Would Impose Surtax Of 4.3% on Richest HouseholdsHouse Democrats looking to spare millions of middle-class families from the expensive bite of the alternative minimum tax are considering adding a surcharge of 4 percent or more to the tax bills of the na...
One or two of us have regrettably lost phones in a place or two (I myself lost a Treo 650 and a Cingular 8125 within the first four months of last year) but our friends across the pond literally flush an astounding 850,000 phones down the crapper each year.850,000.  Down the toilet.Research by Si...
Yes its true if you don't have a blogger.com blog yet Google will probably control your blog in some form or fasion soon enough :-(  Their shopping cart is only increasing in size as their stock breaks $500 per share once more."Unlike the rumor that FeedBurner is nearly code-complete on a multipl...
You know about Gates. You know about Buffett. But do you know about Slim? Mexican telecom titan Carlos Slim Helú quietly slipped past value investor Warren Buffett in late March to become the second-richest man in the world. Slim is worth $53.1 billion, compared with Buffett's $52.4 billion, acco...
Hello everyone back from my brief hiatus.  Got in a bit of a tif with some active rain elites, due to their favoritism they place on points and some of the top point getting members.  However, I've decided there's no use in pouting about it since they own the site and weather I agree or not they ...

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I'll help guide you through your Overland Park real estate experience step by step, with my Internet Marketing experience and my team of KW Professionals backing me.


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