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Was thinking of going Wordless, but now that I roll with spell check there is no need! For some reason I was in the mood to play around on Photobucket and do a little manipulation on a 'nature' photo. This 'dead' tree is in our south pasture.  Hubby wants to cut it down, but I want to leave it u...
One of nice things about living in SW Missouri is that I can be just about anywhere I want to within 30 minutes. I got a call today from a customer/client who is looking to find a home in Aurora, MO.  She wanted to know if I 'knew' of an agent that works the town.  Too funny!  ...
08/28/2009 is my newest domain to link to my website.  I am still in the process of deciding HOW I plan to use the new domains. Right now I am trying a little test to see if I can "even find it" after all it has only been active for a couple of days.  (I am guessing that this post will...
There is a lot of stuff going on in the Real Estate Industry right now.  I am so proud to be associated with a National (Inter-National) company.  The tools and resources provided to our agents surpass any that I have seen.  Even in a small local market (its all local isn't it?) I am blessed with...
One of my peers did a tongue in cheek post about LOOKY LOO TOUR GUIDE RULES, I have to admit it as pretty funny.  I started to comment on her brilliance to find a way to create a form. (seriously just kidding, I like her idea and may create my own version to have signed).  What I really like abou...
I I don't want to ruin the post by writing to much, especially b/c the card speaks for itself.  Thanks Russ for the inspiration to Think outside the box when it comes to marketing.  Sometimes simple is better.  I may tweak this a bit later, but am thinking it may be an image I want to work into m...
There have been some good contests going on in the RAIN-  If I were a better writer I would take the time to link to the favorites. The one on childhood home got me to thinking about other memories that we make, not just the brick and mortar kind but relationships with peers and associates. So th...
  I will give three four clues: 1:  I have not yet written about the event that required this conversation piece to be created 2:  The Picture has been distorted using PHOTOBUCKET 3:  The object of my interest  was very tasty!!  (JMHO) 4:  This in NOT Broccoli (see clue #3)  Subject will be reve...
As a Disclaimer:  I am not one to forward e-mails or jump on the bandwagon of what ever is coming down the road.  That being said- I do think that when a citizen has a concern that they should be able to make their thoughts known. Today I particiapted in a round of "call your Senator". I know it ...
All hail the power of Active Rain-  to make a short story long, the MO Broker (that would be me) was in need of a live body in St. Louis.  Not as strange as it sounds. I could go several different ways with this post but I am going to choose to brag on a peer from the RAIN (now favorite agent in ...

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