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Many times when I mention blogging or social networking to the general public I get an eye roll. "What do you mean social networking, is that like MySpace?" Well partially I explain....and you know the rest of the story. It seems that unless you are on board with the march of the 2.0 , you really...
Fall-my favorite time of year. I don't know why it strikes me so strongly. I think maybe it is from boyhood memories of growing up in the South. The autumn temperature drop was accompanied  with an acute degrading of moisture content in the air. This was a very welcomed change. Along with the Fal...
Every year a percentage of home sellers decide to throw caution to the wind and brave the market alone without the help of a real estate professional - by selling their homes "For Sale By Owner" also known as FSBO.This diminishing group of FSBO's (pronounced fizz-bows) venture bravely into the la...
   The  Pagosa Springs market is showing small pockets of improvement, but overall can still be called a buyer's market and classified as relatively flat.    I have compiled the market report for September of 2007. The % change is taken from a month to month basis. This is the % of change since A...
 Last week I encountered a situation that is too funny not to share with my readers. The story begins about a year and a half ago in the spring of 2006 when I helped a young couple find a parcel of land that they would soon prepare for construction. They took every precaution to get the perfect p...
  All real estate is local. I did not coin this phrase although I believe it to be very true. David Lereah gets the credit for this as the title of his book published earlier this year. I hear quite often that "the national market is ___ "  fill in the blank, when at any given time you will  find...
I feel like I am just getting my feet wet here on Active Rain. I was not expecting the meme tag just yet. Joanne Hanson  of Summit County hit me up last week.Here goes- I read a computer pretty much all the time now so I am choosing the "Let me tell you about me" route.   My life revolves around ...
I try my best to keep up with home values in Colorado and other parts of the country. I am usually pleased when I hear people outside of Pagosa Springs compare  the value of our small town to other  resort areas.   During a dinner meal with an investor- client of mine this past Wednesday night, I...
Market Report for August 07 Real Estate Monthly Market Report Greetings!Happy September to you! I have compiled the sales numbers from August of 2007 below. The % change is taken from a month to month basis. This is the % of change since July of 2007. I hope you find this information helpful. Pa...
There is a lot of negative press around the country right now concerning the real estate market. I know that human nature desires to hear the extreme news, so that's what the media is going to provide. I personally am a little tired of hearing about it, so I am choosing to spread a little "thumbs...

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