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Selling a house may not be as easy as some people think, sometimes it is very difficult, challenging, and tiresome. At times you at least get less amount of money than the actual cost of the property. Before you make any progress of selling or buying a house it is advisable to consider some impor...
Private Mortgage Investing, also known as Private Mortgage Lending is one of the best ways to invest your money protected by a real estate mortgage. Mortgage lenders finance commercial and residential properties. In case you need to borrow money, a private mortgage investor or lenders is the best...
Real Estate can be confusing for sellers and/or buyers. As a client, you may hear there are different types of agents and have no clue what this means.  This can make it more confusing sometimes than just the basic home buying process.  Let me explain it in easy terms…..In every transaction there...
      “All or nothing” may not be an option for owners associations anymore.   On June 11, 2008, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of a homeowner who was being foreclosed on because he did not present the management company with full payment, but only offered partial payment...
Going to court can cost you money.   Mediation costs money, too, but less.   When Florida homeowners violate restrictions, association boards look for ways to persuade them to comply. If these persuasions don’t work, court previously was the only solution up until 2004. That’s when the legislatur...
  Even foreign investors are buying American. During this time of national distress on our housing market, the money from other countries is beginning to pour in while times are tough here so they can buy low and hopefully gain high.   Mexico is the top country of origin for foreign buyers purcha...
Pet restrictions are found in nearly every HOA declaration in Florida. The restrictions are written by lawyers, but the limitations placed on pets are usually decided by developers or marketing departments. Some pet restrictions are species-based. Example: No dogs or cats, but alligator shoes are...


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