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I love this post from Karen Fiddler! What a great case study to leveraging social media for efficiencies, relationships and real business!  You will get out of social media what you put into it.  The key is to learn more than just the tools.  Learn and understand how it can help you connect with ...
Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  I have had little time to write.  It's funny as what is driving me the most nuts about this is my community is asking for information.  There are specific topics they want me to write about. They have questions and I haven't had time to answer. I solidif...
Social media provides the opportunity to connect with millions of people that we would normally not have access to.  We have people following us from every walk of life, numerous countries and the list goes on. What do we really know about our audiences?  Have you taken the time to know them, un...
Yesterday we spent a couple of hours consulting with a local non-profit client, Sylvia Thomas Center.  They support adoptive and foster families. Simply put their mission is to keep families together.  Many think adoption and foster placement is “happy go lucky”.   Integrating families is not ea...
Today my kids have a half day off of school.  My oldest already has his entire day planned. From what he wants to eat for lunch when I pick him up to who will be the team captain for their kid run and managed lacrosse game this afternoon.  As he shared his day of plans with me his eyes were lit ...
      There are many discussions about how to leverage social media to grow your business. Some days it seems to almost blow in the wind based on the latest hot blog post of the day. In the early days it was all about the tools.  People thought as long as you knew the tools you could grow a follo...
Social media is all one big relationship. Making them meaningful, inspirational and profitable are top goals. Many times we get too caught up in the science of social media. Too many folks worry too much about how many followers they have on Twitter, number of fans on Facebook and the list goes ...
  Remember when you were a kid and you would sing your heart out?  I can remember singing in the 5th grade show to the tune of Laverne and Shirley! I sang like I was going to be on the next season of Brady Bunch.  Didn’t matter that I couldn’t sing, just that I was there doing what I did and hav...
Today I thought I hit my head. I made it to 5:15 am spin class. Not 5:15 in the afternoon, yes 5:15 in the morning. Before the kids and hubby woke up. Even my dog was still sleeping. As I got my morning spin groove on I noticed a big difference in the performance of my fellow early morning biker...
Are you sitting on the sidelines of life? Do you sit on the bench as you watch others jump ahead of you? Are you watching others capture the mindshare, the hearts and the loyalty of the customers that could have been your clients for life? What is holding you back? Why are you sitting on the sid...

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