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Here in El Paso we have two types of air conditioners one is evaportive coolers and the other is refrigerated units. The more popular is evaportive coolers, but they become inefficient once the outside temperatures start reaching over 95 degrees or more. That because these units only bring the in...
Are you aware of a anti-tipping device is install on your free standing range. An anti-tipping device ia a metal bracket that is anchored on the floor or wall to catch the range from tipping forward when some pressure is applied to the oven door. The oven industry introduced the anti-tip bracket ...
            Windows are the essence of a room and with thermal windows increase the energy efficiency of a house. But when the seals fail, moisture starts developing between the panes, giving it a wet look. Within time the moisture is drying out giving it a white calcium built up, a dirty look.Th...
This morning as I traveled from westside upper valley to northeast  part of town; there a road called Trans-mountain road that I like to travel on. The road cuts through the tip of the Franklins Mountains. The land along the road is parkland or military reservation.Trans- mountain road was comple...
Subterranean termites favorite food is dead wood. Like the one your house is built with, just as are wooden barrels. fence post, landscaping chips, railroad ties, and 2x4 lumber. All these little guys need is a  little moisture and some dead wood contacting the soil and they are there. The form b...
This is not a common occurrence during a home inspection. A common practice that I have upon entering a property is to turn on all the faucets to lavatories, tubs, and kitchen sink for minimal of fifteen minutes. In this particular inspecting the buyer's father was water the yard at the time of t...
How many of us really know the temperature setting on the hot water heater is. When you look at the control knob its just goes from hot to warm with a white mark about midway than to vacation. The white mark on the knob is a temperature setting of 120 degree. Manufacture recommendation setting is...
How many times does one come across this, a beautiful tree sitting right on top of main sewer line  in front of the house.Its appears to be a common scenario  here in many homes. There no problem for the first 10 years. it's the next 10 years were the problem starts to develop. That because the ...
~Blogging is work, not a past time dairy~ The future of marketing yourself.~RoyBlogging is proof you take your job seriously! I'm relatively new to blogging.  I had my reservations: "An on-line diary?  Give me a break!"  Then I was introduced to Active Rain. Since joining AR I have been "introduc...
      Here is a house I inspected the other day. Upon arrival I see something right of the bat as I glance at the roof from the driveway. It’s been awhile sense I had come across this on an inspection. There are two layers of shingles applied to this roof system, double shingled. It also a T-lok ...

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