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      Here is a house I inspected the other day. Upon arrival I see something right of the bat as I glance at the roof from the driveway. It’s been awhile sense I had come across this on an inspection. There are two layers of shingles applied to this roof system, double shingled. It also a T-lok ...
    Some problems are obvious and apparent, while other are elusive. Here is a good example of this. This Borg-Warner up flow gas furnace has a few problems. This is a 35 year old unit. The most apparent is the age, second item is the rust in the burner compartment, third item is the flames on th...
              Saturday morning as I was browsing through the internet on AR site, I received a call from my youngest son, he is eleven years old.  He call to ask me if I would like to go golfing with him, I said sure, I’ll pick you up in about fifteen minutes or so. We went to go practice on our ...
Kevin is a home inspector from Ohio who has being doing inspection for over 23 years. This a classic example of home flipped with items being discovered on a second inspection. Excellent Blog~Roy Yesterday, I did an inspection on a "rehabbed" house for a very nice couple, who were sure they had f...
                                 Eating fruit in a different style.                                                                                                                   We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits,          cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It's ...
  Today I learned how to install a commode in my bathroom. First one goes down to your local hardware store and pick a commode you’re going to install. When get home remove the old commode, wax ring, and rusted floor bolts, and prepare area for new items. Now install the new bolts, wax ring, and ...
I would like to know if anybody has come across this type of unit on your inspections. This type of system is new here in El Paso, some of the track home builders are installing them in their home. Has anybody encounter any problems or heard something about this type of system. Inspectors, I woul...
This morning on the way to an inspection I had to get on the mission trail road (Socorro Rd.) to San Elizario. A small community on the out skirts of El Paso. The reason it is called the mission trail road is because there are three missions one can visit off this road. Coming off Joe Battle fre...
  Nine out of 10 existing home sales today include a home warranty, according to the Home Warranty Association of California (HWAC). Basic coverage for a home warranty means the warranty company will repair or replace an existing home's covered mechanical systems and major built-in appliances th...
Things you never knew about your cell phone. This is good information to keep in your wallet and purse in                                                                                times of grave emergencies. Have you ever been in a area that your mobile network has no coverage? The emergency...

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