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There are BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of Galaxies, BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF STARS...Each star is a sun...AND SO...IT IS NOT INCONCEIVABLE that somewhere out there, there could be AN EARTHLIKE PLANET, indeed, many earthlike planets, much like ours, and possibly contain even LIFE LIKE OURS...!!!Those o...
The early days of my life I shied away from, if not extremely disliked, READING...LATER...Approaching middle age, I softened a bit and got my toes wet in READING...Of course, READING IS CONTAGIOUS...The more you read, the better you get, and the more addicted you become...In the final analysis, R...
You've probably heard the old adage: PRAYER WORKS...!!! Well, I got to thinking, CAN THE ADVERSE BE TRUE...IS WORK, PRAYER... And especially on this LABOR DAY WEEKEND...Wouldn’t it be great if WORK WERE PRAYER... Scripture encourages us to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING...I often wondered how we can accomp...
I don’t know about you, but these days I’m starting to PAY ATTENTION to DONALD TRUMP... Truthfully, he hasn’t been one of my favorite candidates for President in 2016, but I’m slowly warming up to him...HE DESERVES TO BE HEARD...!!! Again...I don’t agree with some of his opinions...but HE BEATS T...
If you’re anything like me you have used ‘SUMMERS’ to get caught up on your book reading... What can be more relaxing than propping up on a beach chair, on a 90+ degree day, under a cool umbrella, reading an interesting book while soaking in the refreshing salt air of THE ATLANTIC OCEAN...OR... S...
I really was unmotivated to write this week, BUT...I just HAD to get these thoughts off my chest...!!! Basically, as I see it, there are three possible DEMOCRATS seeking the Presidency... HILLARY CLINTON: I could never vote for anyone this LEFT who is PRO ABORTION, and particularly one whose ‘her...
Last Night I watched most of the two Republican debates on Fox TV...I must say...Some of the candidates came across much better than I had anticipated... You know...there really are no winners and losers in these events...We need to remain open minded until we hear much more and are able to disce...
The space of this blog post does not allow me to detail the events that have transpired in our family these last few days... Suffice it to say that it could just have easily ended in tragedy, but for the grace of God and His Divine Providence...!!! Every family has its ups and downs...indeed, eve...
I’m sure most are familiar with the W W J D...What Would Jesus Do...abbreviation made popular in the 1990’s... WELL...I got to thinking yesterday that if we’re really serious about FOLLOWING JESUS and PROCLAIMING HIS GOOD NEWS...THEN... Those of us who use phones a lot need to SPEAK AS JESUS WOUL...
Last week’s post, “I DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT”, prompted me to write this....... I DON’T ALWAYS FEEL LIKE PRAYING... NOW, the simple definition of ‘PRAYER’ is: CONVERSATION WITH GOD...The definition we learned in grade school was: PRAYER IS THE LIFTING UP OF THE MIND AND HEART TO GOD...and a ...

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