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This is my second week of ‘cataract impaired’ vision... The only reason I am posting this is to maintain consistency...and to prove, once again, that we are all creatures of habit...resisting change at all costs...!!! The good God who made us made us to be adaptable and capable of change...else w...
THEY THAT WAIT upon The Lord shall renew their strength...they shall mount up with wings as eagles... Scripture offers this promise...BUT... WAITING IS NOT EASY...especially if you are a typical AMERICAN MALE...!!! Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my vision has been somewhat impaired so t...
This is one of those Fridays that I just can’t get motivated to accomplish much of anything... Sometimes it is good for us to admit that there are days when we just want to LAY LOW...!!! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS...!!! My body, mind, spirit, and soul, NEED REJUVENATION...!!! PLEASE JOIN WITH ME I...
THE CHURCH has been preaching MODERATION for over 2000 years... You can eat, drink, enjoy almost anything safely...If you do it in moderation...!!! Most people, me included, usually think of food or drink when contemplating MODERATION...BUT... In our American lifestyle, there are many more pitfal...
IN THE Gospel of MATTHEW, CHAPTER 10, verse 16 we read, “Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.” AND For those of us who are Christian...THIS IS OUR MISSION...!!! If we truly want to follow Christ, we must be aware that we are bei...
Watching news accounts of the riots in Germany surrounding the G20 Summit...leads me to reflect... There is a FINE LINE between ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ and ‘DISTURBING THE PEACE’...I think I know where the line should be drawn...!!! To me, it is very clear...I should have the right to express my opin...
There’s a Gospel passage, that, when I hear it, makes me squirm in my pew... "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”   MATTHEW 7:3 NASB My first inclination is to try to apply it to people I know, with my own self at the bot...
As a young boy I have great memories fishing with my older cousin, ‘UNCLE JOHNNY’... He taught me much of what I learned about the basics of FISHING...!!! Of course, we fished the OLD, POLLUTED, SILTY-BOTTOMED SCHUYLKILL RIVER... It was not unusual, then, to pull in an old shoe or boot, to get sn...
Probably few noticed that I missed posting FFF last Friday... I decided to use, for the first time since I obtained it, my PENNSYLVANIA PERPETUAL FISHING license...SO... My youngest son and I spent all day Friday and a half a day Saturday...FISHING...!!! As a young boy my older cousin would often...
Last Wednesday evening as I was eating dinner on our east facing back deck I noticed just above the horizon a spectacular looking cloud display of God’s majesty... Days later, I found that the cloud formation was known as a ‘THUNDERHEAD’...or cumulonimbus cloud...NEVERTHELESS... Since this blog i...

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