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On March 17, 1906, my Grandfather, Giovanni Gaspari, saw THE STATUE OF LIBERTY for the first time as he landed on ELLIS ISLAND... An Italian immigrant born in Ascoli Piceno in the Province of Marche, northeast of Rome, he followed many of his relatives and friends looking to provide a better life...
CHRISTIANS CHOOSING TO PRACTICE THEIR RELIGION SHOULD KNOW BY NOW ...OUR FAITH IS COUNTER CULTURAL...!!! If you don’t agree with that premise...don’t waste your time by reading any further... While closely observing recent ‘WOMEN’S RIGHTS’ marches and became apparent to me that the ag...
This past ASH WEDNESDAY I was privileged to be able to attend with a good friend of mine an ASH WEDNESDAY DAY OF RETREAT... The event was held on the beautiful grounds of SAINT JOSEPH’S IN THE HILLS retreat house  in MALVERN, PA., the largest ‘lay’ retreat house in the country...!!!  Our RETREAT ...
For me, life began in 1943, in a room on the top floor of a small 3 story row house in Norristown...!!! The ‘GASPARI’ children consisted of Amelia (MOLLY), Frank (JAKE), and Catherine (CAT)...ALL children of LAURINA (Santori) GASPARI...A single mom, having lost her husband GIOVANNI...only 21 year...
Human Nature seems to lead us to seek after ‘BIG THINGS’...We want to ring up large amounts on our cash registers...BUT... TRUTH BE KNOWN...we may be better served to ring the register MORE smaller increments...!!! I recall when I was a real estate agent...with on the job training...ob...
So it’s almost VALENTINE’S DAY...We’re seeing heart shapes wherever we look... What are these HEART SHAPES supposed to symbolize...??? LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...!!! Our English language has all but ruined the actual meaning of LOVE... We can LOVE chocolate...We can LOVE money...We can LOVE fast cars.....
About 47 years ago I began my career in Real Estate. My first mentor, a real estate broker with a Master’s degree in English, taught me most of what I’ve learned about ‘SELLING’... In the course of my ‘novitiate’ he did a fair amount of correcting MY ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR as well...!!! A favorite e...
On this, the 44th anniversary of ROE v WADE, the Supreme Court decision that made legal a woman’s right to have an abortion, hundreds of thousands of PRO LIFERS will march peacefully, soberly, and joyfully... JOYFULLY, yes, not because they wish to condemn women who have had abortions, but becaus...
On this historic Inauguration Day 2017...WE ARE A DIVIDED NATION...!!! What ever happened to ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’...FROM MANY ONE...??? As a Judeo Christian Nation we are called by our ONE GOD to build a CITY ON A HILL...A City that will send out bright beams of Hope...that will attract the whole wo...
As a firm believer of our First Amendment’s freedom of speech, yet at the same time an advocate for patriotically responsible behavior... I searched for ONE WORD that could BEST describe the hate exhibited by some, certainly not all, LIBERAL POLITICAL ACTIVISTS, while at the same time remaining o...

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