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This is one of the things I like most about our God: He has put clues to find HIM so obviously that many reject them as ABSURD...!!! MARK 15:31-32   “...the chief priests...with the scribes mocked him, saying, ‘He saved others; He cannot save Himself. Let The Christ, the King of Israel, come down...
SILENT NIGHT...HOLY NIGHT...But my favorite verse is the third or last in most versions...JESUS...LORD AT THY BIRTH...!!! Much to meditate on here...!!! It is almost as if GOD THE FATHER was writing this song...AND...He wants to remind us of HIS SON’S PERPETUAL DIVINITY...!!! SURE...we were saved...
The late Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN cable network, was often heard to say, “We are all called to be Saints, don’t miss the opportunity”. What IS a Saint: An ordinary person, a sinner, who lives their life in an extraordinary way...because of God’s amazing Grace...!!! The Church speaks of ...
RETREAT WEEKEND...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! Every year on the closest weekend to December 8th, THE FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, PATRONESS OF THE UNITED STATES, several ‘GASPARI BOYS’ gather with a couple of hundred other men TO BE RETOOLED AND REFRESHED IN SPIRIT... We gather from parts of...
If we are functioning correctly, and following closely the directions in our ‘INSTRUCTION MANUALS’...we should all be searching to FIND GOD... In fact, TRUTH BE KNOWN, IT IS REALLY GOD WHO SEARCHES FOR US...!!! GOD...The Creator of the Universe...billions of galaxies, billions of stars...each sta...
I’m tired of hearing this day, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, referred to as ‘BLACK FRIDAY’...There are no racial implications about my disdain for ‘BLACK FRIDAY’...AND...I’m fully aware of how the term originated...BUT...It carries a sort of depressing connotation...what with the beginning o...
This past Wednesday, our youngest daughter, ASHLEY, received the sacrament of Confirmation. She has been preparing for this special occasion for over a year now, and finally the anticipation is over. She was joined by 98 other mostly 8th graders in a very grace filled celebration. The Sacrament w...
Make no mistake about it, many who have gone before us have given their lives to protect and defend THE GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS we enjoy in this great Country of ours... AND THAT IS WHAT WE CELEBRATE ON THIS VETERAN’S DAY...!!! Some say it is not possible to MIX FAITH AND PATRIOTISM, but I say...HOGWA...
NOT EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK IS MISLEADING...If you exercise restraint and are able to discriminate between FACT AND FICTION, and are willing to SUBORDINATE EVERYTHING, including your ideological bent, TO TRUTH...You may advance in WISDOM...FOR EXAMPLE: ANONYMOUS LIBERAL (FRANK) NOVEMBER 1, 2016Wow...
Have you heard anyone say, “This election is a choice between the lesser of two evils”? WELL...I’m not buying it...!!! ‘EVIL’ ultimately has SATAN behind it...AND...Even Jesus reminded us “And if Satan is divided and rises against himself, he cannot stand; his end has come”...SO... If you believe...

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