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THANKS DEMS FOR YOUR NEW SLOGAN...!!! NOW...The Dems have adopted a NEW SLOGAN...Unlike previous slogans that may have been attempts to PAINT LIPSTICK ON THE PIG, this NEW SLOGAN may be the most RELATIVE to the kind of campaign Hillary has chosen to run.......NASTY WOMAN... Just for clarity sake,...
Jesus called Satan, THE FATHER OF LIES, and that statement implies that there are children, men and women, who are liars and by their lies confirm they are Satan’s children...NOW...If you are an atheist or do not believe in Christ, this may not mean much to you... BUT...If our nation claims to ha...
Recently, while perusing through some of the writings of Henry David Thoreau and more recently, the autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr., I began to see a real and pertinent connection between SLAVERY and ABORTION...AND...the present state of our DIVIDED Nation...!!! Please let me explain... ...
One Presidential debate and...One Vice Presidential debate under our belt, and one more Presidential debate coming this Sunday...GOT ME TO THINKING...hmmm...Putting aside the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, and focusing only on the two major party candidates, HRC and DJT, I began to think...
In this election campaign so many WORDS have been slung around by many on all sides of every issue that sometimes you can’t see the trees for the forest...!!! There is, however, a clear distinction to be made between DJT and HRC...Please let me explain... HRC is a divider, always bringing up raci...
Last week’s post was about keeping your body hydrated so as to maximize your body’s defense systems especially to avoid kidney related problems like KIDNEY STONES and GOUT...CLICK HERE if you missed it... There was such a tremendous response to the post, and many comments contribute to a great po...
Before you get the wrong impression of this post...let me assure you that it is NOT CONDONING DRUNKENNESS, or RECOMMENDING A SOLUTION ON HOW TO VOTE IN OUR UPCOMING ELECTIONS, or WHAT TO DO AFTER THE ELECTIONS...BUT... It is all about STAYING HEALTHY...BY STAYING HYDRATED...!!! DISCLAIMER: I am n...
I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliche, “It’s not WHAT you know, It’s WHO you know”...BUT... I’m here to dispel that least for those independent thinkers who live at the cutting edge of reason...!!! I would like to propose, “It’s WHO KNOWS YOU” least for the balance of this election ...
Scripture tells us that HEAVEN is so awesome we can’t begin to imagine how magnificent, how beautiful, how majestic,so that eye has not seen nor has ear heard what God has prepared for those WHO LOVE HIM...!!! And...we can see the FACE OF GOD or at least get a glimpse of HIM in His creation If we...
After a hot, muggy, laid back summer, this past week has reminded me why LABOR DAY is coming soon...!!! This past week has been spent completing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms, equipping a dorm room for a new freshman, finishing up student loans for my son who is a junior ...

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