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We have access to buk REO's at very good ratesWe are looking for buyers directIf you are an agent you would need to sort out a fee with your buyerContact me with info on what you seek.Proof of funds and LOI will be required at a very early 
HotelsCasinosLeisure resortsGolf resortsClass A officeMallsAll medical/care We have 4 buying groups to hand. What have you got that is off market?No daisy chain makers please!
Please bring me prestigious medical properties/businesses.Hospitals, care facilities, dialysis centers etc.I have a buyer waiting. No upper limit.
Wanted for immediate acquisition.No upper limit.You must be the seller direct or the sellers mandate ONLY!Contact me for immediate
We are a Florida based Realty Company looking for ties across all Continents.Maybe we can help each other at some time.Please contact me if you think you can help us or we can help 
We used to have a business in the UK and we had demarkation lines in it, but being a Realtor also is not the same. Does it make a couple stronger or do you find that all you ever talk about is work? It would be nice to know other peoples experiences please...
we have so many people say to us, 'we are direct'. Direct to who, the next person in the daisy chain? come on people please get real,i know a crumb of the pie is better than no pie at all but be realistic! some of us are for real. if you want to be taken seriously then say it like it is.there is ...
If you are the owner or direct  to owner please contact me. If the figures work we can maybe get a deal done very quickly.
I seem to work a lot! I know I should stop but I find myself working till midnight and beyond many nights. I start work normally at 8am.I have so many things to do and my broker gives me more to do also. As I'm someone who has been in business all of my working life I find it difficult to let go ...
near world class beachesgood road and air linksalmost everything you need is a very short drive awayall properties near or on watergreat community development by a leading building companyfor sale in bulk onlycontact me direct for info

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