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"TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE"...A Necessary Clause or Just Another Legal Snafu? In my experience in the past, when a "Time is of The Essence" clause was put into a contract of sale it was a rare event. Usually there was a good legal reason for inserting it into a contract of sale and it was always ver...
LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE IS FASCINATING...Try It; You Might Like It!  Back in December 2011,  I made a risky decision to look into the future to see what may be in store for us in the years to come. We were still in the midst of the morass of the real estate downturn and many of us were not sure ...
HOW DO YOU ENTER CO-EXCLUSIVES ON TRULIA AND ZILLOW??? After all the troubles that agents report over the sites Trulia and Zillow, many of the agents here in the Hamptons have decided to get on board, in spite of all the hoopla. After I saw my former home and my listing appear as if the co-exclus...
A SELLER WHO WILL NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WHILE YOU SHOW IT...Is A Seller Who Does NOT Want To Sell!!! The time is now to clarify why it is totally unaceptable for the owner to remain on the premises while it is being shown for sale. Just a few months ago, I had a big disagreement with the man who ow...
WHO IS THE KEEPER OF THE KEY?...A Deal Closes And No One Has The Key! I have a client who is selling his home; he bought the house with a tenant in place and then decided the house was too small for his family--so he wants to sell it. There are some real issues, one of which is: No one bothered t...
  This is the best post I have read all year: Slipping into 2014  by Patricia Kennedy, is full of the right sort of verbal incentives to make the right changes in your fitness and your day to day activities.  I mean it---the point Patricia is making here is not only concise and very relevant, it ...
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!...After A Year Of Loss, I Feel Like I Can Make It! Let me think; This is the year that wasn't for me! I was followed by a sense of loss all year and it has kept it's grip right up to the last few weeks of this year---I am glad to see 2013 go!   My best friend and loving Y...
HOW WILL AGENTS BETTER SERVE THEIR BUYERS AND SELLERS IN 2014?...A Technology Idea: When I read the AR post about the INMANNEXT invitation/opportunity for all of the members of Activerain to make predictions about how real estate wil be affected by technology in 2014, the first thing that came to...
WHAT IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE AREA?...THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!! Many agents think it does not matter if they are unfamiliar with an area that they are trying to sell in. But that is the one thing that buyers today require: An agent with Local Knowledge. It is critical for an agent to know local ...
NEEDED: LUXURY CONDOS & TOWNHOUSES!  In my last post about the Luxury Condo and Townhouse business,"CONDO SALES/DEMOGRAPHIC DATA...AN UPDATE:" I told you all about the changing climate in this end of the home buying market here in the Hamptons, Southampton in particular. Where, in the past this c...

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