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....Grab a chair, turn on your computer and join the one and only place in the world where you can let every one know how you think and feel about this unusal and fascinating profession: Real Estate
"AGENT MATCH" IS OVER; WHAT BETTER WAY TO MATCH AGENTS THAN ACTIVERAIN?? I saw the letter that was written by the NAR official telling us why they are discontinuing the Agent Match website---I congratulate them for finally seeing the light!...NO one can possibly think that a website on a computer...
EARLY SUMMER COLONIES: SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE, THE HAMPTONS IS ONE OF THE BEST THE HAMPTONS IS THE PREMIRE RESORT on the East Coast of the United States. It is a place of residence and resort for people across the globe including those from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and from other coun...
WHEN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS START MAKING DEMANDS...Just Try To Accommodate them! A fellow agent just emailed me asking for my guidance as she is attempting to advise a homeowner in how to get approval for renting out her new home in the Town of Southampton. I have not had the bad fortune yet in taking...
 GETTING TO KNOW YOU...Don't Forget To Maximize This Blogging Benefit! The other day, I had someone respond to one of my posts about the importance of blogging...in that statement the buyer made, I found the key to blogging that most of us overlook in our daily attempts to get our posts out there...
LANDLORD/TENANT ISSUES HAVE BECOME A LEGAL NIGHTMARE... I don't know what is going on in your rental markets but here in the Hamptons, you can get burned very easily especially if you are an agent and/or a landlord. You can get yourself into "hot water" over many sticky issues during and after th...
WHAT IS IT WITH TENANTS AND LANDLORDS?...No Amount Of Legal Council Is Too Much, IMHO! I don't know what is going on in your markets but here in the Hamptons, you can get burned really easy right now, especially if you are an agent and/or a landlord. We have become a very large rental market here...
DO YOU EVER TAKE A "FOR SALE BY COMMITTEE" LISTING?...IF SO READ ON...   FOR SALE BY COMMITTEE...Your Good guidance is crucial in a Trust or Estate real estate sale. After recently handling several listings of this sort, I figured I would share a little of what I have learned from those and give ...
 CONDO SALES/DEMOGRAPHIC DATA...AN UPDATE: I wrote this post about two weeks ago and since then condo sales, Townhouses in particular have exploded! The brand new complex called Bishops Pond has sold all but 5 of the 50 units built...I have a several offers on the Polo Club Townhouse and the Irvi...
WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME STAYING WHILE YOU SHOW MY HOUSE??? This question may be the most obsurd one you will ever be asked by a home seller. And yet, if you don't discuss it with him/her, you may end up being mighty embarrassed by the presence of the owner when your customers arrive! The time is now...
WHAT'S THAT? ...YOU WANT TO BE HERE WHILE I SHOW YOUR HOUSE??? This question is the most obsurd one you can ever ask a home seller. And yet, if you don't ask, you may end up being mighty embarrassed by the presence of the owner when your customers arrive! Just about a month ago, I had a big disag...

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ActiveRain has become my home away from home; it is a place that I have grown to respect and appreciate as an open forum for real estate professionals and the public; a place to advertise and speak your mind on many subjects, ESPECIALLY real estate. It is rare that we are given the chance to talk openly to the public or even our fellow associates...this is THE PLACE!....WELCOME TO MY BLOG