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I live in a small Texas town outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Because our town is historic, quaint, and accessible, we have many tourists each day visiting our historic Square. Granbury is experiencing a surge of people seeking to escape various living situations and find themselves at our ...
Most properties today are flying off of the market at record speeds. Sometimes, however, we come across an opportunity to market a property that may pose a few challenges to a potential buyer.  This is when an innovative marketing strategy comes into play.With the advent of home improvement shows...
LONG BLOG POST WARNING:   As I ruminate on all that is going on in the world such as the horrors in Afghanistan, the many issues we face domestically, and the constant drone of bad news, these issues drown out the mundane issues that are inconsequential in comparison. More importantly, let me ra...
Do you think that vibrational healing or "vibrational energy" are modern-day, secular concepts? Not at all. God created energy waves and even a purpose for energetic healing for our bodies.  Listen in with Dr. Paula, as she takes a deep dive into this popular topic, from a scientific and theologi...
While I was visiting Colorado last week, I heard for the first time about a practice that originated in Japan called Shinrin Yoku or, Forest Bathing. The premise is to simply slow down and soak in the elements of the forest or the nature that surrounds you. The basics include: 1. Put away your ph...
Distractions are all around us these days. Mask, no mask, jab, no jab, white, black, Republican, Democrat, and on and on. Everywhere you turn there are squabbles, opinions, and fear tactics. No doubt all of this can add to an already high-stress level.Now more than ever, it is so important to kee...
I write this post with a heavy heart but also with a sense of duty, civic freedom, and righteous indignation. I feel the need to share this as things are simply getting out of hand. As a United States citizen, I have always enjoyed the freedom that has been granted to me by the first amendment of...
Each of us possesses our own unique gifts that God is waiting for us to act upon. He is waiting patiently for you to step into the possibility of working closely with Him, alongside Him, in whatever it is that you do for work. God can show up in any kind of work. And it's not about the work you'r...
Yesterday, my son and I were completing a 2-day drive from Texas to Colorado. As I watched my gas tank miles diminishing, I kept on thinking there would be a gas station nearby right? Wrong!I could see my 10-year old son getting a bit nervous as he watched the gas tank light go from 17 miles to 8...
Have you ever thought about the fact that you were created to work? Well, guess what? You were.Therefore, how do you take on your responsibility with your work? Are you working as unto the Lord or are you simply going through the motions?You have the individual choice to either embrace and rejoic...

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