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You know me, I'm Tucson's #1 FHA mortgage loan guy and I'll usually blog about some great news coming out of HUD or talk about the recent changes to the FHA Secure short refinance. But the hotest loan out there that is creating transactions for Realtors and helping Real Estate Agents put cash in ...
The FHA Secure mortgage loan, sometimes called the FHASecure Short Sale Refinance, has just helped it's 200,000th homeowner get out of a bad mortgage loan. The popularity of FHA loans and the FHA Secure mortgage loan is really picking up steam as during the first six months of the program HUD onl...
It's very interesting that many people have the initial idea that FHA somehow stands for First Time Home Buyer, and that the FHA Home Loan was designed with the First Time Home Buyer in mind.In reality, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) created the government guarnteed home loan back in 1934 wi...
We've all heard about the Short Sale as it seems to be dominating our marketplace here in Tucson.  But many people haven't heard about the Short Refinance.  It's an FHA Secure refinance, it IS available in Tucson and has a special circumstance, and that circumstance is that the homeowner's existi...
FHA Loan Requirements have changed for borrowers who do not have an established credit history or do not have a credit score to qualify for conventional mortgage financing.  The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has allowed for borrowers who lack a credit profile with Experian, Trans Union or ...

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