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There are two answers to that: 1)  search your pockets, breifcase, wallet, dog, neighbor or whatever happens to be within reach to find a business card --- OR --- 2)  (I just discovered this and spoke to the CEO about the FREE product today, it is really cool)  pull out your cell phone and ask on...
Technically, a post should be about sharing knowledge.  And after having a conversation with fellow Tucson Mortgage Guru Mike Jones, I've come to realize I've come to realize that I have no stinking clue what the points thing is all about or why I want them... So since posts are generally about s...
The Housing Rescue Bill just passed Congress and that is fantastic news for households facing the prospect of losing a home to foreclosure.  An additional $300 Billion will be allocated for FHA Short Refinance Loans (FHASecure) allowing home owners faced with the prospect of foreclosure to do an ...
The House passed the Housing Bill yesterday with the primary goal of providing a safety net to GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and will have an impact on the FHA Loan. However there are some other important bits to the housing bill. It will allow The FHA to guarantee up to $300,000,000 (that's 3 ...
I am often asked "Paul, how much can I borrow with a USDA Rural Home Loan here in Arizona?"  The answer for home buyers is "It Depends". For a USDA Rural Home Loanit depends on your repayment ability and the appraised value of the home you are buying.  We'll look at the ratio of your Pre-Tax Net ...
Everyone wants a great deal on buying their next peice of Real Estate and buying a HUD Repo Home and a very special FHA HUD REPO Home Loan, could be your path to finding just that... a GREAT deal in Arizona Real Estate. What Exactly Is A HUD Repo Home and how can an FHA Mortgage Loan help me buy ...
One of the best things about the UDSA Rural Real Estate Loan is that it allows people with low to moderate income to qualify to buy real estate in a rural designated area for zero down payment.  Nothing Down... No money out of pocket at all to get a USDA Rural Real Estate Loan... well, almost no ...
The USDA Rural designation might surpise you.  The USDA says that the property must be designated as rural by the Rural Housing Service (RHS) and some designated rural areas actually look and feel more like the suburbs.  In Tucson, the Rancho Vistoso area North of Tangerine Road has the coveted U...
Hi I'm Paul Dunn, Tucson's #1 FHA Mortgage Loan Originator and I am constantly getting the question "What is an FHA Secure short refinance".  A Short Refinance is a transaction where the current lender forgives debt in order to complete the transaction.  Here's a real life example:  (very simplif...
When you think of USDA I know the first thing you think is HOME LOAN FINANCING!  Right?  Actually, if you're like most Americans you probably think of Milk, Cows, Pigs, Corn, Farms and a beautiful farm house.  Anything but mortgages. Rural, really isn't all that rural.  Here is a picture of a far...

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