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WOW!  Did I say WOW! The FHA Streamline Refinance has just hit an insane 5%.  Truly an incredible rate.  The FHA Streamline Refinance allows for a smooth application process.  It doesn't require reverifying consumer credit, income or assets.  And in most cases the FHA Streamline Refinance can be ...
I just updated the USDA Rural Development Home Loans web site to include an information request form.  Now you can check to see if your property is located within an eligible area for USDA Rural Home Loans by filling out this form. USDA Rural Development Info Request Paul DunnTucson's #1 FHA Mort...
USDA Rural Home Loan qualifying uses two different income types to determine qualification for the USDA Rural Home Loan. In the previous post we discussed Adjusted Household Income and in this post we will discuss what the USDA Rural Home Loan qualifies as Repayment Income. The USDA considers Gro...
The USDA does indeed set income limitations for qualifying for the USDA Rural Home Loan, but a little known fact is that most folks have “adjustments” to their income that will help them to qualify for the USDA Rural Development Home Loan. The USDA will Review two types of income for qualifying f...

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