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This is a place to learn and think about what makes a house a home. Buyers and sellers will find a garden will add value to their lives. A house with a working garden builds value and character and becomes a treasured home. As Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor I am dedicated to helping people discover the value of having a home with a garden.
2011 Prices of Homes in Central Kentucky Take a Surprise Drop After Last Years Gain - Still almost a 400 percent gain since 1971. Many people have been questioning the wisdom of buying a home. Take a look at this chart and think about the following. If you bought a Central Kentucky home in 1970 f...
Good News or Bad News?  Central Kentucky Home Sales for 2011 The number of homes that sold in Central Kentucky the last six months of 2011 took a significant jump up in 2011.  However the price of the average home sold in Central Kentucky for 2011 took a significant drop. If you are a buyer that ...
Matthew and Nancy Sleeth  - Don't miss this opportunity to learn and fellowship with Lexington's Leading Advocates of Caring for our planet. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth will be sharing at the First Christian Church Frankfort  Kentucky on February 8th at 6:15 PM. Matthew will be speaking on "Serving ...
Are you an early riser?  We could use your help. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the Lexington Rescue Mission delivers lunches to the men and women who are waiting at Labor Works.  These temporary blue collar workers arrive at Labor Works at 4:30 AM to wait to see what job they may be able to ...
. Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor - A creative way to add value and interest in your home.  Just a little extra effort can be very rewarding. Recently I listed a home of a client that was eager to share how spectacular her flower gardens were in the spring.  I had her send me a list of her perenn...
Another hyper-local market analysis of homes sold in Lexington KY during 2011 shows buyers are mostly concerned about price. This market Analysis for Homes sold in the subdivisions of Palomar, Little Texas, South Elkhorn, Firebrook, Wyndam Downs, Copperfield and south to Brannon Road in Jessamine...
Hyper-Local housing markets in Lexington, Great Differences in Sales Prices for two adjacent neighborhoods. The adjacent neighborhood just east of the University of Kentucky homes are much higher priced.  Another proof of the very hyper-local  differences in the housing market in Lexington Kentuc...
Are you thinking of living in Lexington? A conversation with Paul Campbell. My wife Kathy and I live in Lexington just south of New Circle Road.  New Circle Road is used by all the residents as the key landmark to describe location for everything in the city.  We live just south of "The Circle" i...
Tips to Speed up Your Trips in Lexington - Tip One - Ignore the GPS  Sometimes I am a slow learner.  I have lived in Lexington for three years and it seems only recently have I awoken to the fact that there are certain routes in Lexington that you really want to avoid.  The GPS will tell you othe...
2011 Market Report for a Mapped area in Lexington Kentucky near the University of Kentucky. This analysis shows that buyers of these homes near the University of Kentucky are: Looking for a home that is competitively priced. Not shopping for the largest homes near the University of Kentucky. Eag...

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