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This is a place to learn and think about what makes a house a home. Buyers and sellers will find a garden will add value to their lives. A house with a working garden builds value and character and becomes a treasured home. As Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor I am dedicated to helping people discover the value of having a home with a garden.
Rector Hayden Realtors Continues to Have a Big Advantage in Home Sales in Central Kentucky Do you want an advantage getting your home sold in Central Kentucky? Take a look at the most recent Rector Hayden Market Report.   Rector Hayden sold 70 percent more homes than its nearest competitor the f...
Chinoe Lights - My Favorite of the Private Homes Decorated in Lexington I have not seen every home's holiday decorations but of those I have seen in Lexington the house that is just north of Chinoe Center is my favorite.  This large white house reminds me just a little of the White House in Washi...
Public Library System in Lexington - My Evaluation My wife, Kathy and are very thankful for the Public Library system here and around our nation.  We believe a healthy library system is essential in a democratic country. I haved now lived in Lexington for three years.  We raised our children in a...
Habitat Home Dedication for the Family of Blandi Perez Diaz First Alliance Church had the pleasure of seeing the Habitat Home they began in September of being dedicated December 11th, 2011.  For me this is a special date.  I had the opportunity of being one of hundreds of volunteers who worked to...
Should I wait to sell my home when the prices go back up? Central Kentucky homes have increased in price the past 30 years at about a 3 percent average rate each year.  There have been years that were much greater than a 3 percent increase in the prices of homes Central Kentucky.  There have als...
Common Circumstances That Face Buyers That Need Resolved Wisely Before Making an Offer. I have not seen many people write about this topic.  But I think it is critical when it comes to buying a home or when spending any large amount of money.  Buying a home will be the greatest amount of money mo...
Rector Hayden Market Report for December 2011 The current housing market report for Central Kentucky continues to mirror the previous few years. There are more homes on the market during the summer months and fewer during the winter months.   Seller's and buyers should take note of the fact that...
Paul's First Tip for Home Buyers in Central Kentucky NO PERSON OUTSIDE OR INSIDE THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY HAS A CRYSTAL BALL.   Trying to predict when prices will have reached their lowest point is like dropping a ball from the same height onto a myriad of different surfaces and expecting it to a...
Harrod's Ridge, Lexington Kentucky - Lovely Homes on a Golf Course and Close to Lexington - Bargains Galore I know that right now there are not a lot of buyer's who are looking for custom built luxury homes on a golf course because of the perceived  price.  However if you are someone from another...
A Jewell of a Sunset in Lexington Kentucky "Softly the evening came. The sun from the western horizon Like a magician extended his golden wand o'er the landscape; Twinkling vapors arose; and sky and water and forest Seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together." -Henry Wadswor...

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