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The real estate market goes through many ups and downs and is dependent on several factors such as interest rates, economic conditions, and job growth. Regardless of how the market behaves currently both novices and pros can apply many strategies that can propel the business forward. IDENTIFY THE...
It is important to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, in as many different colors as possible. Combining them in a salad is both easy and delicious, loaded with vitamins and minerals, eating a salad a day will also increase the level of powerful antioxidants in your blood. Find salad r...
If your kitchen is looking a little drab, try bringing in a rug from another room to add color and, more importantly, pattern. Updating with prints and patterns is one of the ways to add a current take on any space. Always think about the scale of the print, pattern or texture and work that scale...
When it comes to your career, sometimes feels like you could use all the advice you can get. From picking the right career to actually excelling in it, there is certainly a lot to learn. You’ve heard all the classis before, never stop revamping your resume. Practice your body language, keep your ...
Most gardeners face plant-munching pests in their vegetable garden from time to time, and usually, they are not the big of a deal. However, sometimes pest numbers rise to an unacceptable level and the little buggers cause more than mere aesthetic damage. As gardeners become more and more aware of...
A home inspection prior to purchasing a home can bring peace of mind when you sign the sales contract. Knowing what to expect both inside and out will help you make an informed decision about the value of the home and the future upkeep. A home inspection accomplishes two important goals: first, i...
Getting from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner without noshing on something is hard. Everyone get it, these easy snack ideas are super easy to prepare and will get you through the day without running to the candy jar. Don’t have time to make one of these recipes? Well you might want to reconsid...
Every day people hear chatter from everyone talking a big game when it comes to living tiny. One of the biggest concerns is deciding what to do about all the stuff and where will it go? Just because you are living a box it doesn’t mean that you have to think inside one. You sought creative yet pr...
Working on your pajama, avoid commute, answer emails from a hammock while sipping your coffee – you’ve heard the common benefits of working remotely and yes they are true. But there are some things that might surprise you about what it’s like when you do not have to go into the office every singl...
How often do you open up your laptop on weekends – not to watch a movie or show but to toil on an office assignment? Is it part of your routine to work on Saturday or Sunday to get ahead on that Monday afternoon deadline? Do you ever put off typical weekend errands like grocery shopping or pickin...

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