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Last year was quite a year for the U.S. housing market. Median home prices went all the way up to $316,000 – and it is a record high. The question now is, will 2020 bring more of the same results? How will the housing market shake out in the current economic climate? Whether you are buying or sta...
These delightful treats from the sea are keys to a healthy diet. Low in calories, sodium and cholesterol, protein-packed seafood provides vitamins and minerals and may reduce the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure. SOUTHWESTERN-STYLE SHRIMP TACO SALAD Cilantro, chipotle hot sauce, cor...
When it comes to window treatments, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming to choose what’s right for your home. To make it even more confusing, many people – including interior decorators use the terms drapes and curtains interchangeably, mixing in shades and blinds as if they wer...
Many see smiling simply as an involuntary response to things that bring you joy or laughter. While this observation is certainly true, what most people overlook is that smiling can be just as much a voluntary response as a conscious and powerful choice. Countless scientific studies have confirmed...
Whether it is the best time of the day to water your plants or how to get rid of slugs effectively, there are plenty of questions most amateur gardens have – plus, plenty of mistakes they make along the way to achieving their perfect outdoor space. Every expert gardener makes errors while tending...
Chicken is considered one of the healthiest. It contains a protein that we need to repair and build tissues in the human body. There are a variety of chicken recipes all around the world. If you are searching for chicken dishes, here are some of it to satisfy your healthy diet. 1.) Chicken satay ...
Everyone wants to conduct home improvement projects but not all are willing to spend a substantial amount of money to do so. If you are one of those individuals who fall within that category, good news for you! Within this article, we will discuss some low budget home improvement projects you can...
Unless you are a cyborg-human hybrid that time travelled back from the future, no man can stay motivated to do their everyday jobs day in and day out. No matter how dedicated or in loved you are with whatever you are doing right now, there will always come a stretch of time wherein you just want ...
Did you feel as if you had spent your weekend doing absolutely nothing and then be filled with regret on Monday? We have all gone through that. After all, weekends are indeed meant for us to cool down and relax as much as we please. It is our God-given days to put our legs up the table and sloth ...
Needless to say, the real estate industry can be a genuinely tough challenge to venture off to – especially if you don't have sufficient knowledge of the topic. With its many branching causes and effects, to its several interconnected steps, one can quickly lose their way without proper guidance....

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