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Blog? SEO? CRM sure I got that! Trulia, tech and real estate - no problem! tips and advice as straight up as possible.
Versions don't matter today, as soon as you launch a version, you become outdated. Web 2.0 is now a cliché, web 3.0? - that happened the day after O'Reilly's Web 2.0 conference, which really was the driver of "Web 2.0's" widespread popularity. Some cite the original source as an article by Darci ...
Our consumer uses Social Media, they do so greatly, and they are not kids.NYTimes: Who's driving Twitter's Popularity? Not teenagers.NYTImes: Why adults have fed twitter's growthIt is no secret that the real estate industry can sometimes lag behind the latest trends. However, this time around, r...
Reference: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1004004393 Two funny things about this move: 1) Sellers pay $2K to go into papers - "Hello, 98% of buyers shop online" 2) Marketing is NOT what agents are paid for.   Agents and brokers earn their commissio...
I get to see many Real Estate websites in my travels. Obviously there are a huge range of features, options, tools that any real estate website can have. So, I think it is good to highlight some brokers that you may not be familiar with, but are doing great new things in the Online Space. My firs...
  Trulia has been an innovator, from Listing Syndication to our iPhone application to our partnerships -innovation is a core part of our company culture. Last year, we really went after innovating and improving your experience when we introduced our new Online Billboard, live listing widget. This...
  Price Reduction news - so what does it all mean for YOU the seller and your agents? I was astounded when I read the Price reduction news this morning. I was astounded because I know so many agents try their hardest to price homes correctly, only to have a seller demand a higher listing price. S...
Ever wonder how Spam became Spam? Do you SPAM on AR? Is Spamming bad for business? Well here is the truth straight from my marketing class a few months back. It all begins with the actual wundermeat - Spam - the wundermeat became popular in america when women joined the work force and the family ...
We all want "good" leads. I remember my years at my previous broker when we were driving 1,300 web requests a month (to the company - not counting direct to agent, office leads), we were closing around 4-6% of the requests for real commission dollars (*after appointments). We looked at our lead s...
Hey all, this is from my article in this month's RIS Media (http://rismag.imprev.net/2007/12/) pg 124/125http://rismedia.com/wp/2007-12-11/how-to-establish-your-mega-presence-on-the-web/ (complete)"The average agent would probably count a website as part of their marketing plan and as important a...
Read Below for the full article:http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/12/06/edgeio-to-shut-down-in-the-deadpool/  

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Blog? SEO? CRM sure I got that! Trulia, tech and real estate - no problem! tips and advice as straight up as possible.

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