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I never thought I'd be complaining about how cool the weather is. Normally where I live, in Southern California, it is at least 95 degrees right now, and things are warming up as we head into "Fire Season". Last year at this time we were cleaning ash off of our cars as the numerous brush fires we...
I was busy doing the mom/realtor thing the other day when I stopped to check one of my social media sites. To my horror, a couple who I had been helping search for homes on an informal basis had posted the following update: "We are excited to put our house up for sale as we have put a bid in on a...
Do you remember that movie "Forrest Gump"? How slow and deliberate Forrest was in everything he did? I had a chance for that this past holiday weekend when my husband and I drove up north to visit his parents. I'm not good with long drives (this one was 7 hours), so I kept myself busy by surfing ...
I was stuck in traffic the other day, driving back from showing some houses to a nice couple and their daughter. It was kind of cool, so I had my window cracked a bit, and heard it before I saw it. A loud screech and then a seagull swooped down and almost hit my windshield! Well, I slammed on my ...
I was reading in the newspaper the other day about a couple that lives in a neighboring city who won $233 million in the lottery. First I was jealous of their good fortune, then I started thinking about all the stories about prior winners who later wished they had never won. What's wrong with thi...
Bear with me as I share an amazing passage from a small little devotional I have found to be such a source of encouragement and thought it worthy of passing on... Often it is simply the answers to our prayers that cause many of the difficulties in the Christian life. We pray for patience, and our...
Now that we're assured of living in our house for at least the next 6 years after our loan mod came through, we took a step of faith and signed up to host foreign exchange students. There is a program at the local college where students from all over the world come to our city to learn how to spe...
Since my last post when I shared our success at getting a loan modification, some plans have changed. Instead of figuring out where to move when we sold our house, now my husband and I are going to have a foreign exchange student stay in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. The program is through ...
Wow! It really happened! We were approved for our loan modification. After my husband was laid off almost a year ago, we've been trying to stay in our house and work out a lower mortgage payment. It's been a long, tedious, stressful process, but finally VICTORY! Does going through the process mak...
Hello Everyone - Long Time/No Post. I can't claim being overwhelming busy, but I can claim being busy with life. It looks like most of the rainstorms here in Southern California are over, and the hillsides are green and the weeds are high. My husband and I are always talking about moving to a les...

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