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The Exchange of information between people, e.g. by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior. – Encarta DictionaryThe above sounds so simple. We do this all the time, every day. We use words to convey our wishes and desires. We use facial expressions to convey how...
Ever see a real snake oil salesman at work? How about the shill at the fair, cajoling folks to come in and see the bearded lady? They are not just characters from the past. They still exist today.I have a client that needs a bit more down payment money before she can buy the home of her dreams. S...
Encarta Dictionary defines this as a separation of different or contradictory things.This word popped into my head today after thinking about the West Coast fires. What a catastrophe they are. Thousands of people fleeing the flames, leaving homesteads to burn to the ground. In some cases even dyi...
When you ask a Real Estate professionals why they got into this business, you are likely to receive many different answers, but my answer is that I truly love meeting new people. In my past life I was in sales. I loved that too for exactly the same reason, getting to know clients and producing ne...
At the last moment, I have decided to enter Brian England’s October challenge of writing about myself.So here goes.I was born and raised in North Carolina, attending North Carolina State University, getting my degree in Textile Management and Materials. I got married the weekend after graduating ...
For a while now, we have not had as many homes for sale on the market as we normally do. It has in the past several years gotten even worse. While current buyers are keenly aware of the fact that not much is available to them at this time in certain price points, they also know something else. Pr...
So, I was working with a buyer recently looking at fixer uppers. This buyer and I have worked together 3 times previously, and successfully. The home we were looking at was originally listed at $99,900, and was now at $89,900. My client says to me, lets go for it, but I want to offer $75,000, nea...
We real estate agents are constantly asking for or being asked for feedback. It is the holy grail in client communications. When agents visit our listings, we love to get first hand information either about what the agent thinks or what his clients think about the home. It's not so much about con...
I was working with some software yesterday that I am unfamiliar with and was having problems. When I asked the marketing director about the issue, he said, just go to YouTube. Well, I did, and within minutes I had my answer and was happily working away.Many buyers and sellers do this same thing w...
We are having a wide ranging discussion in our office about photography for listings. Over time, we have finally gotten agents to start using "Professional" photographers. Overall, the quality of listing pictures has greatly improved. There is a problem, though. While most photographers are sendi...

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