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When you hear a real estate talk about "Inventory", they are usually referring to actual homes that are listed for sale in the area. The balance between inventory and buyers in the market looking to buy homes drives whether the market is a "Sellers Market" or a "Buyers Market". At the moment, in ...
I noticed this morning that the paint company Behr has released the color palette for next year. Gone is agreeable grey and smoky white is in. Why, I ask, do we need to be told what colors are "In"?I worked in the fashion industry for years and remember working with designers who hung on every wo...
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a new car. I had agonized for a while, trying to determine if I really wanted to replace my perfectly adequate 5 year old vehicle. It had never let me down. Sure, it had a few dings and scratches, but so do I!New cars are so expensive these days. The car ...
I have some clients I have been working with that cannot bring themselves to offer full price on a home. In normal times, remember those? Me neither...In normal times I am the first to tell clients I am allergic to full price offers. But these are not normal times.An agent in my office just had a...
I have a client that has been looking for just the right home for several months. We were armed with a lender pre-approval letter and all we needed was a home to buy. The stars aligned this past weekend and an offer we submitted was accepted. Yay us!The paperwork was all signed and sent off to th...
One of my favorite quotes used to be, I am allergic to full price offers. Not so much anymore. I have found that the current state off the Real Estate market demands I take some Claritin and set the old rule book aside. Don't throw it away as I am sure it will still be useful in the distant futur...

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