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Our brokerage maintains 2 separate Video studios for their agents to use free of charge. Agents come in and spend about an hour recording messages they wish to share on social media or email campaigns. My job is to help coach these agents and get the best out of their time in the studio. I also h...
First off, let me say that the only football I watch every year is the Super Bowl. And to be quite honest, I do so for two main reasons, 1) I like to watch the commercials, and 2) its the only time my wife lets me pig out on chips and dip.So this year, my routine was changed a bit. I had 2 differ...
I have clients looking at properties this weekend so I called the agents involved with the listings. The first agents phone rang and rang and rang...Until I finally was able to leave a message. The second picked right up. I spoke to this agent about her listing that was currently under contract a...
Atlanta and snow don't mix well. While we do get some snow each year, it hardly ever amounts to much. But when we get those huge 2" blizzards, we can be socked in for hours!Seriously, we have very little in the way of snow removal equipment since we hardly ever need it. They do apply a brine solu...
I admit it. I have rental Aversion. This is a disease that afflicts many real estate agents. It starts with someone asking for help finding a rental home. It quickly progresses to an eyelid twitch, followed by a neck spasm. The ability to speak can be affected as well, with the afflicted stammeri...
Real Estate can often be a baffling business, even to real estate agents. To explain, I am working with an investor that buys a home each year, fixes it up, and rents the property. We are usually looking for properties under $100,000 that needs much work.In the past, we have found and made offers...
"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..." goes some lyrics to a song from ages ago when I was younger. Little did I know then it would mean more to me so much later.Somehow, whenever times are tough, and if you pay attention, signs will appear. The above picture was taken this morning on my cell phone a...
Several days ago I wrote about what it takes to get into Real Estate. You can see this blog by clicking Here.This blog was prompted by a past client asking me about getting into the business. I gave her some information on how to get started and last night she texted me with this question..."So, ...
The Marketing Manager at my office has been overrun by requests from agents. This is a good thing as more and more agents are finding out what resources we have to offer them. The problem the manager faces is keeping up with individual projects. He now has a solution!The picture above shows a cli...
Interestingly to me anyway, over the past several months I have had a few past and present clients ask me how they can get into real estate. For a variety of reasons, people I speak to are restless and looking for another career. They believe, I think, that real estate is an easy way to improve t...

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