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I was working with some software yesterday that I am unfamiliar with and was having problems. When I asked the marketing director about the issue, he said, just go to YouTube. Well, I did, and within minutes I had my answer and was happily working away.Many buyers and sellers do this same thing w...
We are having a wide ranging discussion in our office about photography for listings. Over time, we have finally gotten agents to start using "Professional" photographers. Overall, the quality of listing pictures has greatly improved. There is a problem, though. While most photographers are sendi...
An agent recently contacted our marketing department asking for help on a listing that was not garnering much attention from agaents or the public. When we asked him what marketing he was doing he recited the usual, sign in the yard (No flyers or riders on the sign), listed in MLS (No captions on...
Well, I just expressed in my title about all I know about basketball, and this post isn't even about sports. It's about the net amount of money a seller is looking for when they sell a home. You can get to this net several different ways.Many times I speak with buyers who wish to make a low offer...
New information released this week shows that area home sales are down over 10% from this time last year. Interesting note about this time last year, we were down from the year before. Why you ask? There seem to be several reasons behind this trend.The first is the rise in local home prices. Pric...
Brrr. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and this morning it was 50. Everyone keeps saying that fall is coming, but I thought maybe we could just ease into it for a while. But no, its like someone flipped a switch last night and here we are.In the Atlanta area we usually get cooler temps (Under 90) earl...
Ummm, not literally please. But with a camera! We have a photographer come to the office every 2nd Wednesday to take agent pictures. We call these head shots. I was thinking that this term actually works pretty well. Here's why I think that.Photography can really pick up minute details in a face....
So, you are ready to go out and find that perfect home this weekend. You have spent hours looking over the possibilities, and now you are ready. But wait, are you really?Sometimes the thrill of the hunt for a new home is so intense we forget little things like current leases. Unless you want to p...
On occasion, I visit a property that needs more than just a little help. I have a listing in a desirable area coming soon that should sell quickly, but in its current state we would be lucky to sell at all. When I came to the home to see what we had to work with, the first thing that I noticed at...
Occasionally I work with first time home buyers looking for a real deal. This usually means finding a lower priced fixer upper, a home that needs extensive work. I worry most times weather or not the buyers truly know what they may be getting into.The problem with homes that need work is that you...

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