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So, you are ready to go out and find that perfect home this weekend. You have spent hours looking over the possibilities, and now you are ready. But wait, are you really?Sometimes the thrill of the hunt for a new home is so intense we forget little things like current leases. Unless you want to p...
On occasion, I visit a property that needs more than just a little help. I have a listing in a desirable area coming soon that should sell quickly, but in its current state we would be lucky to sell at all. When I came to the home to see what we had to work with, the first thing that I noticed at...
Occasionally I work with first time home buyers looking for a real deal. This usually means finding a lower priced fixer upper, a home that needs extensive work. I worry most times weather or not the buyers truly know what they may be getting into.The problem with homes that need work is that you...
And how far is that? Sometimes I will have a potential client look for a home outside of my marketing area. What makes it outside of my area? Usually distance. I try not to be any more than an hour from my home. Within that range I still have a pretty good idea of what is going on. Outside that a...
When in the process of buying or selling a home, the way a client handles diversity can make all the difference in the world. For instance, your buyer is in the process of purchasing their dream home when a big rain the night before reveals a very wet crawl space. Since it had not rained in a whi...
I recently sold my rental home and had spent an entire month getting it ready to show. The last touches were to place a red tea pot on the stove top, a red metal bird on a shelf, and put up a picture of mine with a little red boat. What a difference these items made!In thinking about why these it...
We as agents run across interesting home improvements all the time some are really nice, and others fall into the category of, what were you thinking? The picture above shows a granite counter top with a short granite back splash, topped by...stack on linoleum tiles. And to top it off, they were ...
Sometimes in life it really are the small things that count the most. In Real Estate, I can't lie. I really do like going to closings and getting paid. These are the big things. But I also relish having a client tell me that they would not use any other agent, ever.Last night at a listing appoint...
This year so far has been very busy. Usually for me I don't get busy until late February. This year is different.I think there are several reasons why. Last years inventory of homes was very sparse. I have buyers from last year still looking for a home. I also have several listings coming up this...
Sometimes folks looking to sell their home need help re-envisioning their home. They have probably lived there long enough to really not "See" their home as a potential buyer would. The sellers have "Rose" colored lenses. Once the agent has helped the sellers "See" their home in a new light, prog...

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