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Earlier this year the Real Estate market in our area was zooming along. It appeared that the Spring selling market had arrived early. It was as if a team of dogs running flat out pulling the "Economic Sled" had heard their owner yell, "Whoa, there!".Sled dogs don't like to slow down. They are bre...
Not feeling so lucky today? Not finding the home of your dreams? Don't know where to start in getting your home ready for sale?No need to be lucky to find or sell a home. Call us at den Boer homes. We are all the luck you will ever need!  
The country is in the midst of a pandemic based upon the Corona Virus, or COVID-19. Local governments are instituting emergency responses and warning us not to have gatherings over a certain number of people. Local Real Estate brokerages are also asking agents to work from home. What does this me...
Lowball offers are those that are significantly below the current list price of a home. Typical offers in my area run around 3-5% below list. Lowball offers are significantly below that. Interestingly, if the home is was over priced to start with, the really lowball offer might be spot on. But fo...
So, are you prepared to lose an hour this weekend? Around 2 am Sunday morning, the clocks will all magically move ahead 1 hour and it will be gone until this fall. Are you looking forward to being at work for an extra hour in the morning before the sun rises?There is a campaign afoot in the count...
I have had two distinctly different conversations recently that dealt with becoming excited about some aspect of Real Estate. The first one was with a seller whom I had been working with for quite some time. We had run and rerun valuations on his home multiple times over a period of several years...
This young lady closed on her very first home this week! As a first time home buyer, she had lots of questions. Many of these questions were simple ones that most longer term owners just take for granted.However, she had some great questions at the closing table. You see, she was actually reading...
Looking for something to do this Saturday? Come out and see this terrific home located in the sought after Walton High School district.And best of all, you can meet me!I look forward to seeing you Saturday between 1 and 3 pm.
Our MLS system has a really cool feature called, Reverse Prospecting. It works like this, when an agent enters a search for a buyer, they use specific touch points like price, area, bedrooms, baths, etc. These get matched up with properties on the market that meet there requirements and propertie...
 Just to be upfront, this has nothing to do with needing a bit more time to respond to an offer. That does happen as well, and the easiest way to get those hours would be to ask for a notice from the Buyer stating the offer time is extended, or resubmit the offer with additional time. This happen...

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