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There are many times that home sellers need to be looking for the next home. If there home sells before they find the next one they could end up homeless and/or in an expensive hotel until they can find and move in to the next home. This dance of trying to have back to back closings is always a b...
My first broker would occasionally accuse me of "Getting ready to get ready". I think she meant that I was doing things that were not very productive. I think sometimes she might have been right. Since then I have always tried to be mindful to not delay, linger or wait to get things done. Most of...
I opened my 2 year old laptop the other day and within minutes it made a very electrical POP and it left this world to go where dead laptops go. I now have a very expensive boat anchor. Not only did it die after just 2 years, but it died last February as well. I was able to breathe life back into...
I love stories. In particular those told in movie theaters. I also love books. When I open a book to read I am immediately transported into the story. Stories are powerful ways to get a point across. People can relate so much better to stories than to dry facts. As a real estate agent I find that...
In a recent meeting with some potential sellers, I was asked if they should keep the pink window treatments, in the pink room. Not just any pink, but a pepto-bismol pink. The color actually wasn't terrible, but it and the window treatments made the room look dated.So, I offered to the sellers tha...
I love marketing. When done correctly, magical moments happen. In Real Estate these moments show up as sellers receiving more for their home than they expected, and quicker than they hoped. Good marketing drives higher prices and returns quicker sales in Real Estate.When getting your home ready f...
To Tax - "to make onerous and rigorous demands on" - Merriam WebsterTaxing situations are on my mind today for some reason. I wonder if we as agents think about the possibility of "Onerous and rigorous demands" upon our clients when we are working for them. Buying or selling a home has been ident...
Here is an interesting scenario...You wake up today and decide this is the day to go buy a car. You have looked around a bit, but you don't really know enough yet about what you want to purchase, so you decide to hit two dealerships today and look at 2 different cars you are interested in.You pul...
iBuyers. These are the big, well financed companies that come in and offer to buy out sellers and even move them to the next home. On the surface this sounds really good. Maybe too good?The theory is that these companies can save a seller from the trials and tribulations of having buyers tromp th...
Rodents? Nope. I'm talking about those little gadgets that move the cursor around your screen. For those of you that use the touch pad instead, well, maybe next blog we can reconnect. But for those of us still attached to our mice, here we go.About 3 weeks ago I was walking up a flight of wooden ...

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