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With the pending Purplebricks invasion of the U.S. real estate market looming on the horizon, I want to know what my Activerain friends think about their stance on negotiations.What are your thoughts on the Purplebricks philosophy of having the buyers and sellers of their listings negotiate with ...
Let's face it, taking listing photos isn't rocket science.But attention to detail, the small things, is what sets true professionals apart from the rest.Take the time to move the garbage cans out of view when taking your photos. I agree that a garbage can in your photo will not prevent your listi...
This photo was taken from the viewing area on the Sausalito side, north side, of the bridge.I probably should have framed it so that the cement on the right side of the photo where the bridge transitions to the ground, but I am still pleased with the image. I particularly like the little blue pat...
One thing I miss most about Montana is the summertime and the local rodeos.Whether it is Missoula, Superior, Arlee, Miles City... you name it, you will find a rodeo in the summer.This year's NRA sanctionaed rodeo will take place on Aug 4th and 5th at the Mineral County Fairgrounds in Superior, Mo...
So I have always been a photography buff and I'm always looking out for cool new sites to share and feature my pictures.I recently came across a site called Guru Shots and I am fully addicted to it now. Basically, you join photo challenges, with either existing photos you have already taken, or e...
Just AnnouncedLaura and I will be moving back to the Denver area sometime just after Jan 2018.Between now and then, we will be sorting out all of the details, especially which brokerage to join forces with.We would love to hear from anybody in the Denver area, or anyone who knows agents in the De...
So just the other day I was observing another agent during a listing appointment. Through his market analysis, he came up with a value of about £350,000.The seller said they felt it was worth over £450,000, and that 2 other agents had valued it at around £450,000. At this point, he quickly danced...
A delicious summer drinkMuddled fresh fruit, mint, gin & tonic BTW, just imagine this photo rotated, not sure why it loaded sideways. Has anybody else had this trouble? I have read a few posts from people who have experienced this, but they did not help. My photo was taken on my iPhone, it was ta...
If you haven't heard, the U.K.'s real estate agency, Purplebricks, is launching in a few days in California.How many U.S. agents and REALTORS© are aware of this, and how Purplebricks works?Will their business model work in California and/or the rest of the states?What does the NAR think of Purple...
You know those moments in life where you come to realize that you seem to have lead a very different life than someone else?I had a couple of those moments recently, both of which occurred in public restrooms. Once in the fish market in Sydney, Australia and the other in an office building in the...

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