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I was out with an agent on Friday to observe him during listing appointments. During the appointment, the seller said quite a few things that made me jjts about do a spit-take.I felt that one in particular illustrated England's primary problem with the way they handle the real estate industry.In ...
I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the idea of canned listing presentations.What would you think if your managing broker, or agency, came to you and said "your listing presentations had to have these 12 points in it, and you have to present them in this order."Not only that, but they ...
Here's a couple of question for REALTORs:What does your YouTube channel do for you?Does your YouTube channel bring you clients directly? Have you gotten any clients because they saw a video you posted online or has your increased visibility due to having a presence on YouTube been directly respon...
So I get a call from our cleaning person in tasked with cleaning the common areas of the Lindens. She was quite upset and frantically trying to explain what she has found in the bathroom. She was convinced that somebody had been stabbed or shot due to the amount of what she thought was blood all ...
In chapter 2, we find our favorite antagonist, Mr. 11, is having sleepovers.These aren't normal sleepovers though. No pillow fights and no ghost stories being told here. No siree Bob. These sleepover guests are homeless folks who are being let inside the property late at night to drink with Mr. 1...
This is going to be a multi-chapter story about what must be one of the worst rental properties to try to manage.The Lindens is located near the center of the city of Peterborough in England.The property is what is called an H.M.O. or House in Multiple Occupation. That simply means it is one hous...
Today, I want to thank all, well most, of the real estate professionals back in the U.S.There will always be complaints made. Things like my agent doesn't call me back, or my agent only wants the commission. But to be honest, after living and working in England for a couple years now, it has all ...
Almost titled: My, what and absorbant house you have there! No matter how many homes I walk into in England, one thing still amazes me. How much mold is found in homes over here. Forget the mold disclosure, it is pretty much expected it seems. Might as well just have 3 check boxes; one says "prob...
Have any of you heard of Purple Bricks?I'm not surprised if most haven't. Purple Bricks is a U.K. based estate agency.They have recently announced that they will be expanding into the U.S. real estate sales market this year.They have been around in the U.K. for 3 years now and have taken the mark...
7321 N Hemlock Ct Spokane WA This is a beautiful 5 Bed, 3 bath house on a quiet cul-de-sac in Spokane's highly desirable 5 Mile neighborhood.  Some of the many highlights of this home include: 3 car garage Covered Trex deck Open patio Spacious office Main floor laundry & mud room With panoramic v...

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