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This is my advice for everybody who shares articles on Social Media, specifically Twitter. I see a lot of real estate agents posting links to articles all day every day. I'm guessing it is in an attempt to be seen as an authority. I think when all of us started out in social media we were told it...
Come on guys! Real Estate isn't rocket surgery. This will just be a short rant and then I will let you all get back to being productive. One thing that drives me nuts about real estate is agents who are bad at what they do. I can say that about every line of work. If you aren't good at it, don't ...
Much of what we do at Peacock Virtual Solutions and The Agent Accelerator, after building our customer's websites, is teach them how to drive the most traffic to the website they just paid for. Everybody wants their website to provide a steady stream of new clients, or what we call conversion. Co...
Real Estate Agent Mobile Web Apps are a great and cost effective option for real estate agents who want to provide clients with a branded and personalized app for their smartphones and tablets. Since mobile web apps are browser-based they are 100% compatible with iPhone and Android without having...
At The Agent Accelerator, we believe that there are too many cost-intensive solutions for real estate agents, and none of the ones we have tried are as easy, intuitive, robust and effective as they proclaim to be. Much of our focus is to seek out more cost effective (often times FREE) alternative...
~ ActiveRain Members Get 25% Off ~ The Agent Accelerator, by Peacock Virtual Solutions, is a culmination of all of the services we have been offering real estate agents and brokers over the past year and a half. We have re-branded them, re-packaged them and re-priced them to make them more affor...
Most folks probably already know this, but for those who don't, you need to install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on your website. I spend a large portion of my days going through the data, both for Peacock Virtual Solutions and for our clients. Google Analytics gives a huge amount ...
Yesterday, I wrote about six-gun wielding baristas dishing out shots of espresso along with some good ol' western, frontier style justice... some hot coffee or some hot lead! As I was writing the post, it occurred to me that this is only the latest story in the bizarre Spokane coffee scene. It st...
Coffee loving residents of Spokane have been put on notice! If you want a cuppa java in the morning, you better wait patiently in line, place your order when when the barista tells you to, and then move along peacefully after leaving a large tip. If you follow these simple instructions there shou...
Operating as both a real estate agent and a service provider to other real estate agents, lenders and attorneys, I meet all sorts of people. Recently I wrote a blog post here titled Then Why The Hell Did You Call Me where I described my first encounter with a potential client who was looking for ...

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