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If you are looking for a knowledgeable, focused and goal-oriented Realtor in the NW Florida area who will help you achieve your Real Estate goals, please reach out to me directly! If you are looking for a pet friendly Emerald Coast Realtor who can handle and sell the most difficult properties that no one else could, please reach out to me directly!! If you are considering buying or selling a home, a luxury home, luxury investment real estate, luxury vacation homes, or luxury beach properties in and along the Gulf Coast.
It's true, there's really no place like home. Home is where the heart is, it is where the family starts and ends the day.  It is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life and you need to consult an experienced Realtor as you start the journey to property ownership.  The journey can...
There are a lot of home options out there, and I want to help you zero in on the perfect one! Message me today and let’s start the hunt! Single Family Home, Condo, Town Home?  Are all options to consider.  Do you have a favorite?  Do you have a favorite subdivision?  How well do you know the area...
Over the past few weeks, I’ve touched on how to stock and furnish the common areas in your vacation rental home: the living room, dining room, and kitchen.These are the rooms that will make the most immediate impression on your guests, but the most lasting impression will likely be the rooms they...
Now that I got your attention.  I love pets but I hate pets in the wrong situation.    I always had a dog in the house until recently.  I never really felt that the house had that doggy smell.  I have different opinions now that I am in the business. Although pets are usually a welcome sight when...
Home-buying can be a tricky process.  I am sure that most of these readers have bought and sold at least one time over their lifetimes.  OR maybe you have not.  That past experience does give you a little insight into the complex world of a real estate business.  Recent experience is what does ma...
Can you add any other items to this list? Homeowners often renovate their homes to create enjoyment today with hopes of adding value that they can realize in the future. Not every home improvement project will increase the value or sale-ability of a home though. Some projects may even hurt a prop...
This might be a little late for some of the events but there is still plenty of time to get your Jolly On and a little Ho Ho To.  December 8 at Destin Commons; Learn how to tie your knot-wrap! These reusable fabric wraps are a great alternative to paper or bagged wrapping this holiday season. Pur...
The first step towards home ownership is interviewing numerous real estate agents and finding one who has the knowledge and experience to guide you thru one of the most important financial decisions of your life.  Experience does matter.  Your child's friend mom might have a real estate license, ...
Obviously, I get these ideas from a service that provides content for Realtors.  They typically are a good source of ideas, trends, etc, etc.  But saying that, I am not exactly sure that I agree with this idea.  It's toooo 70's.  so been there done that.  What are your thoughts?  From what I reme...
One of the newer communities along Florida’s Scenic Hy 30A, WaterColor is a prime waterfront spot on the Gulf of Mexico with lots of activities to entertain beach-goers of all ages. Tucked between Seaside and Grayton Beach State Park in South Walton, this neighborhood of charming homes and tree-s...

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