How imperative are each of your website keywords, and what sorts of user behaviors are stemming once they arrive at your page through specific keywords? Before deciding to eliminate a keyword from your list for optimization of your site, consider a few tweaks in the content. Oftentimes a keyword ...
Silverpop, currently the world’s sole provider of marketing automation solutions and email marketing has partnered with SeeWhy, Inc., the website conversion company. Silverpop accommodates the specific demands of B2C and B2B marketing, while SeeWhy optimizes real-time actions of unique visitors t...
In March, Google announced Google Voice, a new addition to the company's toolbox of technology crafted to improve and simplify the way we manage our phone calls, texts and voicemail.  The concept stems from GrandCentral, bought by Google a few years ago. The tool enables users to use a single num...
To acknowledge the popularity and large fan-base enjoyed by online user-derived dictionary/encyclopedia Wikipedia, Google News is now including it among the stable of publications its bots crawl to generate the site.  While Wikipedia's articles have long appeared among Google search results, now ...
As popular micro-blogging site Twitter propels forward, it is being groomed and tweaked to fit the needs and preferences of its dynamic user base.  Recent changes include improvements to Twitter search function, and the addition of a prominent featured user section.  Twitter ascended rapidly to b...
It hardly seems possible that Twitter has already chirped its way to the third-largest online social networking service, riding the draft winds of Facebook and Myspace, according to Compete.   The majority of Tweeters initially signed up for the service in 2008, thus giving Twitter an impressive ...
While it remains to premature to state victory, Microsoft's latest attempt at search, Bing, is off to a respectable start.  At a whopping two weeks old, Bing has generated a nice bump in users, possibly thanks to spreading the word about the newly released search engine. According to
Apple Inc. has generated yet another sensational stir by announcing its latest in citizen journalism, err, smartphone technology, with the iPhone 3GS.  The next-generation iPhone was introduced on Monday when Apple demonstrated a new video recording function that has the capacity to transform mil...
The Palm Pre has been one of the most anticipated smartphone releases for the summer of 2009, and following its June 06th release, it was not exactly the "iPhone killer" that the masses buzzed about.  The Palm Pre debuted at The Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on Friday morning, catering to "busines...
With all of the concern regarding online privacy and tracking, it is important to take into account the differing views and opinions involved.  There are some who simply want more information provided to them about how they are being tracked online, and to have more control over how the informati...

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