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I believe it was Zig Ziglar who coined the phrase... "see you at the top!" I have attended many seminars where that phrase was  a keystone of the discussion... and almost everyone who I have spoken to about the subject of success, especially real estate investors, completely endorse the notion of...
I thought I would shake things up a bit with this post and see what kind of dialog we can get started... Based on recent events in our economy and what appears to be an administration bent on destroying our capitalistic system, it seems that Ayn Rand was way ahead of her times when she wrote her ...
"The idiocy that I come across everyday in this business" Yes... that is correct... the IDIOT real estate investors who somehow have seemed to survive as real estate investors in this market and are still out there making really stupid mistakes. I am only going to relate one example... though I c...
I was reading a FAX the other day that I receive each week as part of a coaching group that I belong to and it had a very interesting point of view regarding ACHIEVERS.  Many of you have heard of the 20-80 rule regarding revenue and customers.  you know the one where 80% of your results comes fro...
I had the good fortune of having a friend recommend that I read a very compelling book recently.  The book is titled The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it. Randy's book is extremely touching and demonstrates a courage and vision that few can only ...
In my weekly podcast, you can listen in here,, I shared a story of how a Club client had purchased a property and asked me to do a walk-through with him to validate his repair estimates. I won't go into all of the details here, just listen to the 10 minute podcast.  The...
As I scan the horizons of our economy, I am seeing a continued level of uncertainty and fear... and that is such a shame.  This uncertainty and fear I believe are perpetuated because of the constant drum beat of negative news coming from our media and Washington.  When the message is one of const...
I was having lunch earlier this year with a gentleman who had a true gift for poetry.  This person has not had an easy life, in spite of his extensive formal education.  In fact, he had just been released from prison and was attempting to get his life back on track. During the course of our conve...
If you are a real estate agent you know how challenging these past several years have been.  Not only dealing with a market that for many has been in a free-for-all, buyers that couldn't get financed due to new stringent qualification rules... and for those agents who had the opportunity to work ...

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