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  TIPS YOU CAN USE:  MAKE SURE YOUR HOLIDAY DECORATIONS ARE SAFE TO USE Each year holiday season fires injure 2,600 individuals and cause over$930 million in damage. According to the United States Fire Administration(USFA), there are simple life-saving steps you can take to ensure a safeand happy...
Just what your handyperson client will like, a referral to win a Home Depot Ceiling Fan (actually a $175 gift card) to use on any evening or weekend project they choose.  A blog ( which deals with do it yourselfe...
Many people overlook the need to properly insure their expensive jewelry,believing that it is automatically covered by their homeowners policy.While homeowners policies do cover jewelry, this insurance usually issubject to a much lower limit than the overall contents coverage. Thisreduced limit i...
The following is a loss control tip you can use on your Web site or inclient communications with the proper attribution to IRMI. Defective electrical wiring systems cause approximately 40,000 residentialfires annually, according to a United States Consumer Product SafetyCommission (CPSC) study. I...
TIPS YOU CAN USE: DANGERS OF GOING BARE ON WATERCRAFT COVERAGE Boatowners typically face large property and liability loss exposures fromtheir boating activities while often going without proper insurance. Thefollowing loss scenarios point to the need for specialized boatownerscoverage. Remember ...
TIPS YOU CAN USE: ARE THE LIMITS OF INSURANCE FOR YOUR HOME ACCURATE? Is the amount of property insurance on your home correct? What is theappropriate amount of coverage for your home? To begin with, it should beinsured for at least 80 percent of its replacement cost when covered undera standard ...
TIPS YOU CAN USE: WINDSTORM RISK CONTROL TIPS Windstorm and hurricane losses account for an inordinate share ofhomeowners losses every year. In particular, people on the southeasternand central eastern seaboard and the Gulf Coast face substantial lossexposures to hurricanes and tropical storms. T...
TIPS YOU CAN USE: CELL PHONES AND DRIVER DISTRACTIONSAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driverdistractions are a contributing cause in approximately 25 percent of allmotor vehicle crashes or about 1.2 million accidents. However,distractions can be hard to quantify, a...
Itemizing Tax Deductions - Should You or Shouldn't You? Each year, taxpayers everywhere ask whether it's better to itemize their deductions or opt for the standard deduction. What's the difference and how does it affect your bottom line? Some taxpayers must itemize, even if their deductions are l...
TIPS YOU CAN USE: EVALUATE YOUR NEED FOR FLOOD INSURANCEAccording to FEMA, flooding causes billions of dollars of property damagein the United States each year. If you are like many homeowners, however,you may be unaware that the standard homeowners insurance policy you buydoes not cover flood lo...

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