Being a mother myself I know just how much work it is to being a mother and just how gratifiying it is.  I have Three grown kids and 7 grandkids so I have a little experience.  So today I want to thank all those mothers along with my own Mom.  Happy Mothers Day to all of You.    Peggy
The best market value of your property can be done by a professional REALTOR familiar with the area your home is located.  Have you ever tried to put your home in an online site?  I did my own home on a site and market value of my home was within a $100,000 window. For a more exact market your be...
When you can get values, low interest and possibly a tax credit why wouldn't you buy a home if you will be in the market witin the next 6 months.  Well the time is Now! Run to your REALTOR and start looking and buy a home now before the interest rates go higher, the Tax Credit expires and the val...
As you prepare to sell your home, you may want to devote some time to thinking about your buyers. With new homes listed everyday, homebuyers have plenty of options. However, if you market your house properly, prospective buyers won't have any trouble finding your home. If you have already found a...
I enjoyed this blog and thought I had better pass this one on.  Anyone have any tips to add to this post?  The one below that seems hard to do but, oh so important is "Don't be afraid to turn one down" This is so important as you need to know when to say no.  If you think it won't work it probabl...
Spring will be here before you know it.  I know the weather in Iowa has been Cold, blustery and snowy this long winter but, Start thinking about your new home purchase now so that you don't miss the "Tax Credit".  Write your offer now and beat the mad rush to beat the deadline.  There are homes o...
There are lots of reasons you should buy a home this year and beyond the need to upgrade, place to live. *The reasons that buying a home this  year could be beneficial since you could qualify for a tax credit if you are a first time buyer. *You could qualify for a tax credit if you have owned and...
If you are thinking of listing your home or you now have it on the market your question to your agent shouldn't whether you stage your home but, "How Do I Stage My Home".  How your home looks sets the stage (literally) for the buyers that are looking at your home.  A buyers market is certainly no...
  NOW IS THE SMART TIME TO BUY A HOME. Why? The homebuyer tax credit has been extended and expanded: •· First time homebuyers who qualify can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit. •· Existing homeowners who qualify and have lived in their current residence For five of the last eight years can now r...

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