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  B E L I E V E I recently wrote a blog post about a local community here in Alpharetta, The Enclave at Milton Park. I wrote it because as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. I was excited about it and wanted everyone to know about it because eventhough it sits on a major street, it is unlikely you...
Enclave at Milton Park Alpharetta, GA What’s so cool about The Enclave? This Yankee was in awe when she discovered the loveliness that is The Enclave at Milton Park. If you’re a city slicker then you will absolutely love the place. The tree lined streets and stoops reminded me of the brownstone c...
Well we know the last few years have been tough in the world of Alpharetta homes sales as prices plunged just about everywhere and the markets filled with foreclosed homes. Alpharetta, GA is one area in Georgia that is seeing some revival from the mass histeria in the real estate world.   Februar...
  Well, as we already know, buyers purchase the neighborhood, and then the house. Often times, they purchase your neighbors too. Any Realtor can verify that at any moment, when touring homes, the buyers are paying close attention to the neighbors and their details. They look at what kinds of car...
  If you're anything like me, then you're a foodie. You love to experiment in your kitchen and treat your family's tastebuds to treats from around the world. If you don't know now then you should know that residents of Alpharetta, Georgia have at their hands an array of eateries boasting many di...
Hello all.... I've had some down time.  When I started selling real estate, I got licensed in good ol' Georgia. Not long after I became licensed, I needed help with my newborn and relocated back to my hometown of Philadelphia and practiced real estate there until recently. While there, I couldn't...
  The other day, I was online searching for websites. This has been a daunting task to say the least mind you. Anywho, one site I went to which shall remain unknown had one of those 'chat with me' boxes that popped up while I was browsing the site. The window pops up and the chatter asks if they...
It's crazy how everything happens for a reason and how the hearts of people work are even crazier and a blessing too. I was happy to be a part of the blessing I am about to share. A couple of Sunday's ago, I had to head to go to the store. The normal corner store I go to didn't have what I neede...
    It took me a while to decide to write this post because I know we are not suppose to add emotion to our business but this time I did. I lost a client a couple weeks ago. She came to me 2 yrs ago. She and her husband were looking for a larger house. She ran a day care outside of the home she ...
  Rainers: Meet my four year old. Before you call in child services, the picture above was taken one day when he hurt himself playing and decided to administer first aid on himself. I love this little guy. I could never censor him. But this post isn't about my undying love for my children though ...

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