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  How do you create a truly profitable business model? We’ve recently had some big reminders that while hyper-growth and raising big sums of money can seem cool, it is risky for everyone involved if there isn’t an underlying profitable business. You might be able to get away with operating in the...
This stock market has been so volatile and difficult to trade. Anytime I have tried to hold a stock for more than a few hours - I have lost money!Crazy, right?Well, I found a good way to make money consistently every week in this horrible market, without having to be glued to my computer all day....
I know many real estate investors that are looking to buy something in this market that will help diversify and protect the wealth that they have created over the last decade. The big question is: What are people investing in and why? As the stock market goes down, so does mortgage rates. We are ...
What Do I Need To Know About Hard Money Loans? Not everyone has heard the term “hard money loan”, yet, it’s something that some people rely on. Also known as a “private money loan,” hard money loans are short-term loans that are secured by your real estate. Private investors fund these loans rath...
There is indisputable evidence to indicate that companies that consistently increase their dividends outperform those that don’t pay out dividends significantly in the long-term. Even if we go back to the 1970s, S&P 500 stocks that initiated then grew their dividends produced average annual retur...
The hardest part of trying to beat the market is...It’s not predicting the market. It’s not finding the time to trade consistently. It’s not digging up the right opportunities. It’s not finding the right strategy at all. I’ve been a full-time trader for more than a decade now, and I’ve learned on...
Wow, what a week for stock trading. The market has had its single biggest drop in recorded history with fears about a pandemic of the Corona Virus and a lovely new oil war starting.  Sure, this will be good for gas prices, but it is horrible for the stock market! Unfortunately people are seeing t...
Even in a buyers’ market, there are smart ways to minimize property costs even further.Typically, buying a house is like buying a property. It is a blank slate, and you have theopportunity to mold it to your will. This is both exciting and problematic. If you have endlessmoney to spend, you can c...
These last few weeks have been fantastic from an investment point of view. I have been learning a new options trading strategy from a FREE EBOOK called The Trader's Black Book. Disclaimer: This article has some affiliate links in it and I might be compensated if you click through and buy anything...
I had to work on developing an investment mindset. It wasn't something that came naturally to me. From finding stocks to swing trade to real-estate investing, I never try to underestimate the importance of my mental state. What Am I Talking About? You can call it grit, stickability, spunk, tenaci...

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