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I have had a great week trading stocks - my account is up 75% which is awesome! Much of my success this week is due to stocks that my mentor, Jason Bond, alerted (Jason bond subscription service).If you would like to learn the basicis of Jason's trading strategy, be sure to check out his FREE eBo...
Not everbody is destined to work a conventional job. Working 9-5 for some people is a fate worse than death! Thankfully, there are a lot of interesting alternatives to working in a conventional career. Here are a few of the more bizarre examples!Some of them are creepy at best.... 1. Professional...
Penny stock picking services have been so valuable to my trading career! Honestly, they save me so much time every week. Honestly, I doubt I would have time to trade stocks without them!So what are penny stock picking services?Well, penny stocks are shares in companies that trade under $5 per sha...
Recently we wrote an article all about the best ways to make money at night from home. Why at night? Because many busy parents only have time at night to work - even if they are stay-at-home parents. Kids take up so much time and effort that post-bedtime is literally the only time that new parent...
Women are perfectly suited to become freelancers. Think about it - successful freelancing requires many of the character traits that women typically have.The qualities that make for a successful freelance career are things like: 1. Multi-tasking: Women are generally better at multi-tasking. Freel...
Options trading has the HUGE advantage of massive leverage. If you trade stocks and the price of the stock changes by 5% then your invested equity changes by 5%. But with options trading, a 5% move can make you 100% or more on your investment! Isn't that awesome? Perhaps you are looking to levera...
Tips For Women Over 35 to Navigate Online Dating Safely! The blog post 67 Hacks, is a much more comprehensive list on all things online and safety, while this post attempts to just paint the corners, and cover the basics that should help women over 35 date safely. Here are some troubling statisti...
Studies show that almost 80 Percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, when unexpected costs occur, people often start to panic.If you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, be aware there are many choices and solutions. If you are desperately thinking about how to earn $...
If you have debt you know the feeling of stress that goes along with it. You may make payment after payment and see very little movement in your balance. You might wonder each month where the money is going to come from. You may not even remember what you bought that is keeping you making payment...
If you are good with people, and you like playing host to visitors, becoming an Airbnb host could be a good idea. It's a great way of making sure the space that you have in your home does not go to waste, and earning some money as a result. Obviously, there are pros and cons to opening up your ho...

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