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Congratulations. Your credit is in good shape for a new mortgage loan. Upon your request, the lender shares your credit score with you--it's a respectable 700 points. You close the loan without incident and the home is yours. Tip #4 - Protecting Your Privacy Feeling relieved, you might be tempted...
The mortgage lending procedure is, shall we say, not always a walk in the park. If you're a borrower, you likely face such commands as "document this," "apply here," "provide that," and "sign here--and here and there." Meanwhile, lenders also keep talking about fees--a fee for this and a fee for ...
With home buying and refinancing at high levels, checking credit reports should be on everyone's list of financial obligations. Good credit can lead to a magical world of cheap rates and good terms, while erroneous credit reports can unfairly raise the cost of borrowing. Tip #2 - Checking Your Cr...
  Thank you for subscribing to our "Borrower's Guide" WebSeminar. Over the next seven days, we will send you professional advice for developing some insight into the home lending process. Each article is straightforward and very informative. We certainly hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to f...
Most homebuyers worry about how their credit report will affect their ability to buy a home. Many of those people do not need to worry about their credit history. However, you can be better prepared if you get a copy of your credit report to review before you apply for your mortgage. That way if ...
Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you want to succeed in the realty marketplace. That's natural and reasonable, but what are the steps you need to triumph? Strategy #6- Five Keys to Successful Negotiation Negotiation is a complex matter and all transactions are unique. Both sides--buyer and sel...
For a landlord, determining how to keep tenants longer can be much like nailing jello to the wall. After all, apartment-renters are by nature a transient population. In many cases, that's why they're renting and not buying. They want flexibility, the ability to move or buy when the time is right....
Strategy #4 - "Screening Tenants the Right Way" Zeke had been waiting a long time for this day. His Aunt Millie finally had decided that he could help her manage her investment properties. She owned three apartment properties and about ten houses, a small rental empire she had built with her husb...
f you believe what it says, late night TV is full of great ways to invest in real estate. Most investors, they seem to suggest, are looking at big paybacks with no money down. That's unlikely, like going to the store to buy a watermelon and offering to pay for it with a paperclip (a highly-unlike...
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