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Putting Hagerstown ‘Surprise Remodel’ Moments to Good Use, Sometimes home values can undergo abrupt changes. One way that can happen is through the ‘Surprise Remodel’ phenomenon. That’s when you wake up one morning to find that your local house grew larger…overnight! If you are one of the many Ha...
 Hagerstown Home Sales Prospects: Anything But “Calm”! Last week, area home sellers saw more than the usual number of reasons to look forward to this spring’s Hagerstown home sales selling season. It looked like the opposite of the lengthy real estate “Perfect Storm” that caused freefall across t...
    A lot of snow fell last night and some this morning, I guess I can’t complain, we were expecting a lot more snow but the snow forecast  call for more snow today Im more concerned about ice than snow any way, Im done shoveling snow for the moment so, nice hot shower and work!!!    
  Restaurant Bar For Sale In Hagerstown, Business only, no Real Estate, Established downtown Bar/Restaurant with class D Liquor License On- and Off-Sale, regular repeat customers and great food, easy to manage with great potential, OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE call Roberto Gonzalez for more informa...
Action Plan Following a Hagerstown Short Sale A Hagerstown short sale represents real value for the homebuyer, of course. But to some extent, it is also a boon to the seller. Being able to unload a property that’s underwater helps avoid the most dire credit consequences of a Hagerstown foreclosur...
Choosing the Best Properties to Rent, The question on which are the best properties to rent will have a majority of people immediately thinking of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. However, the best properties to rent are not standard for all the residents of all the cities in the wor...
Suppose you are driving past one of those ‘For Sale by Owner’ yard signs…and the house looks good! Do you screech to a halt, jump out and rush up to the front door to – quick! – sign a deal? More likely, you jot down the phone number (hopefully one is visible, though with For Sale By Owner signs,...
The Potomac Hall Business Center welcomes The Badaki Law Firm On behalf of Potomac Hall Business Center in Hagerstown I would like to welcome Ayodeji Badaki, The Badaki Law Firm Services to our professional group of like-minded business professionals looking to create long term relationships with...
Hagerstown is located at 39°38'34"N 77°43'12"W. It is south of the Mason-Dixon Line and north of the Potomac River and between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains in a part of the Great Appalachian Valley known regionally as Cumberland Valley and locally as Hagerstown Valley. The community als...
Hagerstown Vacation Home Choice is a Different Animal, You would think that buying a Hagerstown vacation home would be pretty much like buying your primary home. After all, the technical processes are the same: first, you locate a suitable vacation home the same way you found your primary residen...

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Robertos Hagerstown Real Estate Blog Real Estate in Frederick County, Washington County and Surrounding Areas.